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Xidian University is to information and electronic discipline mainly, workers, and acting, and tube, and text more discipline coordination development of national focus University, directly under the Ministry of education, is national "advantage discipline innovation platform" project and "211 engineering" project focus construction College one of, is national 56 by has graduate school of of College one of, and first 35 by model **ual Software College of College one of and first 9 by was batch established IC talent training base of College one of. Predecessor was born 1931 in Ruijin, Jiangxi province Chinese radio school, was created by revolutionaries of the older generation such as Mao Zedong personally first engineering school.

In 1958 the school moved to Xian, 1966 to formed, 1988 as the present name. Founded more than 80 years, the school has always attached great importance to the party and State, is the "15" one of the key construction projects, also in 1959 Central approval of one of the country's 20 major universities. In the 1960 of the 20th century, the school is to "Western army" said the acclaimed at home and abroad.

Comrade Mao Zedong's inscription for the school has been twice: "serving the people wholeheartedly" and "hard work and plain living." Schools are now building both North and South Campus, covers an area of about 270 hectares, school building area of more than 1.3 million square meters, the Library 5.75 million volumes.

School existing various students more than 30,000 over people, which Dr graduate near 1700 people, graduate more than 8,600 over people, has Communications Engineering College, and Electronic Engineering College, and computer College, and electrical and Mechanical Services College, and technology physical College, and economic management College, and faculty, and Humanities College, and model **ual Software College, and microelectronics College, and international education College, and life science and Technology College, and network and continues to education College and Chang College, 14 a college. School is one of the earliest established information theory, information systems engineering, radar, antennas, electronic machinery, electronic warfare and one of the professional colleges and universities, opened a precedent IT subjects in China, is a striking subject characteristics and advantages of electronics and information. There are 2 key disciplines at the national level (covers 6 secondary disciplines), 1 national key disciplines, 28 provincial key disciplines, 12 doctoral degree subjects, covering 50 second-level disciplines, 20 master 's-level disciplines, covers 101 secondary disciplines. Postdoctoral Research Institute on 7, 52 undergraduate programs.

2006 Ministry of Education announces second round of national-level discipline assessment results, "information and communication engineering" discipline ranked second nationwide, "electronic science and technology" disciplines ranked sixth nationwide. Schools establish a people-oriented philosophy, teachers are the core competence of universities, has forged a reasonable structure, innovative team of teachers. Existing full-time teachers more than 1900 employees, including pH 222 people, Master Instructor of 759. School has academician 3 people, double hired academician 10 people, "thousand people plans" WINS who 5 people, Yangtze River scholars distinguished Professor, and lecture Professor 12 people, Ministry of education innovation team 5 a, national outstanding Youth Fund winner 9 people, national teaching teacher 4 people, national teaching team 6 a, 973 project Chief Scientist 3 people, Ministry of education new century excellent talent 35 people, China Youth technology award winner 3 people, "what beam what Lee"

Winner of the prize for science and technology 4, State "baiqianwan talent project" training 8, Shaanxi science and technology award winner for youth 7, teaching members of the Steering Committee of Ministry of education 17, was awarded to 134. South campus address: Sai Feng road, XI Xinglong total zip code, No. 266 duty room Tel: 029-81891818 North campus address: Xian City, Shaanxi Province, South taibai road, 2nd Chief duty room Tel: 029-88202212 zip code: 710,071You care: w w w. siteurl. o r g

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Xidian University is to information and electronic discipline mainly, workers, and acting, and tube, and text more discipline coordination development of national focus University, directly under the Ministry of education, is national advantage discipline innovation platform project and 211 engineering project fo..

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