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Dong Guan youth international travel service limited (Dongguan youth travel for short) was established in January 1997, Dongguan city, formerly part of the Communist Youth League.
After 15 years of development, Dongguan cyts has evolved to undertake domestic tourism, outbound tourism, travel, airfare, hotel, Dongguan, Visa, business travel services such as car rental agencies, and travel agencies as a leader development set up the Dongguan city, Dongguan city terminal, MTC auto tourism centre, stake in the first five-star hotel in Silver City Hotels in Dongguan. Cyts tours is located in Dongguan in Dongguan city center, covers an area of about 1000 square meters, more than 300 employees, more than permanent staff of more than 100.
Company adhering to "brand enterprise, and brand products, and overall linkage" of operating strategy, in general consumers minds in the set has "advantage is service, quality is professional" and "strength strong, and has vitality, and constantly innovation", good of enterprise brand image, annually are in national domestic travel agency hundred strong in the top, is most Dongguan public holiday of preferred travel agency, has became Dongguan tourism first brand. Dongguan Green Brigade has powerful of procurement strength, in national 34 a provinces autonomous region focus city has strength strong of reception base, is Air France, and o airlines, and South Airlines, and deep airlines, and HNA, and Shang airlines, international domestic main airlines of core agent, and Guangdong maximum of tickets manufacturers Baiyun Airport group backbone company easy boarding established joint ticket Center, for customer provides easy boarding, and red carpet, VIP service.
And strongest railway company-Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou, Guangzhou, hard cooperation has the most competitive rail (high speed rail) transportation resources. Since 2001, Dong Guan youth development network and systematic set of Anytravel system (referred to as ANYT), becomes first network in Dongguan travel agency. In 2008, the youth travel in Dongguan and Dongguan portal the first site —— Sun jointly develop and expand Travel Channel network in Dongguan, Dongguan, established the first comprehensive travel information platform. 2010 200,000 to upgrade ANYT projects currently cyts ANYT Web site has become a public holiday, Dongguan in Dongguan preferred online service platform, more customers all over the world with high quality and efficiency, a variety of personalized services.
2010 Dongguan cyts outlets reached 33 in the city, basically covered 32 town, Dongguan city, in June, youth set up the Dongguan in Dongguan's first telephone enrolment centres, achieving full coverage of the network from the ground to space. In August 2008, the Dongguan Ching successfully promoted to international travel service, began to vigorously expand international tourism business.
And international cooperative businesses, educational institutions, came to visit Dongguan primary host organization. 2009 Dongguan youth become State licensed outbound tour operators, further injection of Shenzhen CITs powerful joint venture comprising million annual salary before you go to the Group of experts, to create professional quality Gao Pinbao overseas tour.
Size of Group of experts on procurement, operations, Dongguan set up Dongguan international travel experience Center first in order to build a new State of the international tourism, as more visitors with personalized professional service, creating value for the customers happy, life.
2010 Dongguan cyts by Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision of organization's comprehensive evaluation of standardization bodies, to the highest standards of AAAA-level "good standardization enterprise" (GSP) title of Dongguan first AAAA level certification awarded by travel agencies, tourism as well as Dongguan in Dongguan were filled the entire gap AAAA GSP certification for service industries. Since its establishment, the Dongguan youth organizations and successfully hosted the "met here today Chinese new year Carnival," "red tourism in Jinggangshan train", "tracing the mission trail history tour", "Dongguan cyts self-drive tour of Meizhou activity" "Dongguan city East China visit", "Dongguan city Bohai investigation"
And other major events, professional design, warm and attentive service, received from the Dongguan city leaders, citizens and tourists alike. In constantly upgrade Enterprise brand image of while, Dongguan Green Brigade award-winning was won: continuous nine years national hundred strong travel agency, and city civilization units, and consumers satisfaction units, and heavy contract and trustworthy with enterprise, and continuous three years won Guangdong Province ten group social, and five big ground receiving agents for …… as roots Dongguan local of travel agency, Dongguan Green Brigade get city from all walks of has been of full support, and has been is committed to promoting Dongguan of tourism development, enthusiastic public activities, has strongly of social sense, efforts for construction

"The charm of Dongguan" to contribute. Address: Guancheng Sinn 42nd road, Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523,007 Tel: 0769-22106666 webmaster email: market@anyt.CN Member Services email: market@anyt.CN service complaint email: market@anyt.CNWelcome to Site Url library

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East green tour:Dong Guan youth international travel service limited (Dongguan youth travel for short) was established in January 1997, Dongguan city, formerly part of the Communist Youth League. After 15 years of development, Dongguan cyts has evolved to undertake domestic tourism, outbound tourism, travel, airfare, hotel, Dong..

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