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Guangzhou Opera House is one of Guangzhou new landmark on the central axis, is located in the Zhujiang new city square, adjacent to China's new financial center of the city, the CBD headquarters base. Guangzhou Opera House by receiving "the Pritzker Architecture Prize" British Iraq female architect Zaha • Hadid design, like two pieces of Pearl River water washed stone, shape is unusual, complex and full of A Brainstorm.

Acoustics design of Guangzhou Opera House masters, the world's top acoustic master Harold • Dr Marshall, well-built acoustic system of the Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou Opera House passed a near-perfect audio and video effects. Guangzhou Opera House is by far the most advanced in South China, the most complete and largest performing arts center in, its new operation and management mode of making it become the forefront of China's cultural system. Guangzhou Opera House to take a new operation and management mode, the Guangzhou Municipal Government selected through tender management team, solely responsible for the theatre of operations to achieve independent functioning, independent. After a fierce competition, and ultimately by leading enterprises directly under the Ministry of culture, the Chinese artists of China's foreign cultural group to the right. Guangzhou large theatre in culture, and China external culture group and Guangdong provincial provincial government, and Guangzhou Municipal Municipal Government about sector of correctly led and strongly support Xia, to "based Pearl triangle, cooperation Hong Kong, Macao and, together Southeast Asia,-oriented world" of strategy positioning, bold exploration China Theatre operating management new mode and reform development road, integration international domestic various advantage culture resources, gathered performing arts industry chain, nominated stagecraft boutique, initiative led advanced culture,

Efforts to establish Guangzhou Opera House become the Supreme art of South China, the world's outstanding Chinese artists in the performing arts arena. Guangzhou large theatre since official opening yilai, as June 2012 has ushered in world high standard and the both at home and abroad performances up more than 600 over Taiwan, including opening performances figure Helldorado under, world classic Opera Tosca under, world classic music drama MOM meters, under Chinese version, world three large tenor one of Carreras, world famous cello home Yo Yo Ma, II degrees to spike of world command master Lorraine • Lorin Maazel,. So far, the Guangzhou Opera House has successfully hired a number of world famous artists as Guangzhou Opera House signing artists, such as the world's first Chinese cellist Yo Yo Ma, the world's first opera conductor Daniel • Euren, Teatro Mathia resident Director, Maestro of the world of Lorraine • Dan Mazer, master of Chinese conductor Tang muhai.

2012 Guangzhou Opera House will work with United States Metropolitan Opera jointly produced classics of the world of the Opera Madame Butterfly, and will be launched in the second half of this year's top classical Chinese edition of the musical cats in the world. Among the world's top performances, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou Opera House and cross-border cooperation for the first time.

On October 29, 2010, the Guangzhou Opera House has organized "Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou Opera House first exhibition of contemporary art", further deepening of the Guangzhou Opera House cross-border exploration of art, reflects China's foreign cultural Corporation in "cross-institution, cross-industry, cross-geographic" courage of innovation and development. On April 7, 2012, the topic "wireless Theatre, digital life-changing" 2012 Guangzhou Opera House development forum was held. World's top business adviser —— red-shirted capital China partners Neil Shen, founder and CEO of ctrip CEO fan min, Noah wealth Wang Jingbo, the hotel chain 7 days group founder and CEO Zheng Nanyan, employed the Guangzhou Opera House first contracted development adviser.

Form Guangzhou Opera House including advisory boards, to Guangzhou Opera House to develop innovative "wide mode" injected substantial content. Guangzhou Opera House covers an area of 42,000 square meters, construction area of 73,000 square meters, total construction height 43.1 m, three rehearsal hall (opera rehearsal hall, a Ballet Rehearsal Hall and Symphony rehearsal hall), meet the needs of various performances.

At the same time, theater has complete auxiliary facilities, including ticketing Center, large garage, restaurant, etc. Total box office line: 4008-808-922 shows the contact line: 020-38392449 fax: 020-38392285 Member Center Tel: 020-38392303 fax: 020-38392420 marketing centre Tel: 020-38392234 fax: 020-38392420 brand cooperation special line: 020-38392565 fax: 020-38392766-media front line: 020-38392766 fax: 020-38392766 art education service line: 020-38392281 fax: 020-38392420 address: Zhujiang Pearl River West Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou, China Guangzhou Opera House, 1th postal code: 510,623 e-mail: gzoh@gzdjy.orgWelcome to Site Url library

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Guangzhou Opera House is one of Guangzhou new landmark on the central axis, is located in the Zhujiang new city square, adjacent to China's new financial center of the city, the CBD headquarters base. Guangzhou Opera House by receiving the Pritzker Architecture Prize British Iraq female architect Zaha • Hadid ..

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