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China international network culture Expo as a national "Eleven-Five" cultural development programs supported by the State's major cultural events, international network culture Expo in China after the ninth of success, has become the highest specifications in China, the largest and most influential Cyber culture industry event.

Since it was first held in 2003, has been the leader and organizer of the party and State attach great importance to Li Changchun, Liu Yunshan, Chen Zhili, and Jiang zhenghua, Li Meng and other Central leaders of the people's congresses, political consultative conference has visited the site to visit and guide our work. For many years, cyberfair at making good social benefits at the same time, adhere to market-oriented operation, this model has become a feature of the cyberfair.

By deeply rely on Beijing as the national political, economic and cultural centre of resources, rational use of a market-oriented operation model, greatly mobilized the participation of enterprises, promotes the exchange of industry and trade, enhanced social cognition. Cyberfair "boot net-cultural industry development, display digital technology application innovation trend" for the purpose, to "the cause of development, guide industry, regulating industry, service enterprise" for the position, based on the fundamental characteristics of Internet culture, fully embodies the Government departments in the new thinking of management of net-cultural industry. Has long, network Bo will has been is committed to for Government and enterprise, and enterprise and enterprise, and enterprise and user, and domestic and abroad, and technology and capital Zhijian build a interactive, and interoperability of platform, upgrade in China network culture industry strength, enhanced national network culture enterprise of international competitiveness, by full build AC learning platform, and show promotion platform, and public relations platform, and communication transactions platform, to this led enterprise, and industry development, discussion industry behavior, perfect industry specification, and improve industry environment, Thus forming a virtuous trade flow, forming a good business cycle models, providing more support and better cooperation, together with the people all practitioners, as well as all network, actively guide the excellent network of cultural enterprises in the industry to demonstrate its exemplary and leading role, to promote technological innovation in cultural industries and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the cultural industry has played an important role. Cyberfair will also seek to show by network culture with Chinese characteristics and give an impetus to cultural industry of "great prosperity, and development".

Through seven years of unremitting efforts, the current, cyberfair has been gradually building become the most authoritative and representative of China's network culture industry, the direction of the brand show.
This exhibition features leading —— this show will firmly relying on the party's 17 in the spirit of the resolutions of the plenary, to accelerate the development of cultural creativity, digital publishing, mobile multimedia, animation and emerging cultural industries such as the core of the game, play the positive role of market in cultural resource allocation, innovation culture going out mode, to cultural prosperity and development to provide a strong driving force.
Directional —— cyberfair "Decade" as an opportunity for development, around the "Decade" net show blog series themes and activities, full new image of cyberfair.
Professional —— professional forums and conferences focusing on industrial development, technology, business development, business negotiation, starting with international exchanges at home and abroad, involving extensive and comprehensive.
Interactive —— to all kinds of events, institutions, social groups, such as broad participation by the population, through a combination of online and offline manner, attracting more anime game enthusiasts to participate actively, to increase the overall interactive participatory exhibition.

Diversity —— cyberfair as the carrier, through games, animation, software and hardware, derivative products, Internet cafes and other aspects of the show, further interpretation of the diverse Internet culture, one set for all viewers "audiovisual, entertainment and leisure, purchase" in a new network blog. Address: Beijing Chaoyang North Street, 12th b-day building 1302 PS 100,020 Tel: 65,518,672 fax: 65,518,679 e-mail: Websites:

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Th China international network culture Expo:China international network culture Expo as a national Eleven-Five cultural development programs supported by the State's major cultural events, international network culture Expo in China after the ninth of success, has become the highest specifications in China, the largest and most influential Cyber culture indu..

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