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Beijing Lineo times environmental technology limited (English recognition BLT) was established in 2003, is a professional residential/commercial reverse osmosis pure water machine, alkaline/weak mineralized drinking water machines, water purification, water softener, water vending machine, water stations, pipelines and other equipment and its parts and components production and sales of technology-oriented manufacturing enterprise. We see the "water technology, technology of conscience is a distress-saving class.

"The truth: Frank in the global environment, tried their very best to serve human health, dedicated to serving the industry, this is BLT adhered to a century of enterprise and the existence of the very image of mission. BLT has always adhering to "fusion frontier, and cast on tip, and wing continued innovation, and demanding perfect" of manufacturing spirit, will manufacturing global cost Supreme of water products as enterprise of Supreme pursuit, ISO9001, and NSF, and involved aquatic products health license, qualification certification of made and AAA enterprise, and China famous brand, honors of harvest is on enterprise has has achievements of certainly, is guide, and spur Enterprise struggled aggressive of standard basis and power source; since 2009 yilai,

China people's property insurance company (PICC) enterprises high product quality and liability insurance to insure them, but all customers on "long Tai" and brand loyalty. Combines advanced results of many scientific research institutes, experts, combined with the enterprise's own research and development testing advantage, has introduced a number of cutting-edge products and continues to innovate the application of patent protection, is the basic guarantee of enterprise always has a strong development momentum.

In resource sharing, common standards of height, open patent products, and to promote innovative technology, has become one of the company's code of conduct. BLT since created initial, that positioning do brand behind of brand,-oriented industry customer provides professional of OEM, and ODM, and new research, business, by both at home and abroad over brand delegate, production machine category has up more than 240 over species, years production capacity over 460,000 Taiwan; in sales parts category up more than 1900 over species, daily inventory tenure volume 3,700 cubic metres, is China area civilian NET aquatic products varieties most full, and inventory most ample of production sales commercial one of, and has been to mass u price low, and service thoughtful, and

Efficient industry reputation; products have been sold to the United States, and Korea, Pakistan, Nepal, and Brazil, and Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Peru, 18 countries and regions.

BLT strictly adhere to industry and environmental harmony, unity of strict adherence to industry and policy, strictly follow the principles of customer-oriented interests, established in strict accordance with the enterprise's strategic approach to reasonable layout, focus on enterprise customers trust the brand in construction industry and manufacturing base, mass storage warehouse. February 2012, the company headquarters moved to Daxing State turn up soil, covering 17 acres, container inspection, training, meeting, Office, hospitality in one of the American style of pure neutral area for the brand customers with higher standards, higher specification, more comprehensive exhibition platform.

Therefore, enterprises have formed has one research and Development Center, one hardware, one injection factory, 2 Pack-test base, 2 parts distribution center for production and sales network, combined with the global strategic cooperation of more than more than 60 suppliers collaborate, allows differentiation of different customer demands in the realization of the platform to the greatest extent possible.
Water production base address: good roads State turn up soil huangcun town, Daxing District, Beijing Tel: 010-61220501/2/3 fax: 010-61220501/2/3 624 (front desk), 626 (delivery) spare parts distribution center address: Furi 10th road, etdz, xihongmen, Daxing District, Beijing Tel: 010-60296843 fax: 010-60296812 to Company email: bjlevi@VIP.163.comPlease attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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1 floor Beijing Lineo times environmental technology Ltd [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/05/20/ 09:56:00
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Beijing Lineo times environmental technology Ltd:Beijing Lineo times environmental technology limited (English recognition BLT) was established in 2003, is a professional residential/commercial reverse osmosis pure water machine, alkaline/weak mineralized drinking water machines, water purification, water softener, water vending machine, water stations, pipelines a..

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