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So Hao ling, "the first of the three emperors" too Hao-Fu Xi Shi lingmiao, North of 1.5 km in Huaiyang County, Henan province, State-level key cultural relics protection units. One of China's 18 famous mausoleum. Because it is the Chinese "human ancestor" lingmiao, so called "the first mausoleum."

On June 26, 1997, the then Vice-Premier Zhu Rongji visited too after Hao ling, readily wrote "King's old capital, XI" the four characters. The lingmiao to Fuxi innate mathematical construction of gossip, is lingmiao a large Palace of emperors of ancient buildings in China alone. North-South length of 750 meters of the temple. 875 acres. Three city, inner city, forbidden city "Imperial City". Whole Tomb has three halls, two floors, two galleries, two workshops, one, a Tan, a kiosk, a temple, a church, a park, seven, and 16. Main through dozens of buildings on the North-South perpendicular to the central axis, if you layer upon layer to open North-South Gate, looking straight in the forbidden city from the South, the first door is Hao Fuxi's great mausoleum, known as "ten photos". ' According to the records of State Chan Chi: Hao Ling mausoleum of spring and autumn, there are already too, before Han dynasty Temple. Tangtaizonglishimin in the four-year of Zhenguan (630) awarded the Rescript "tentative ban animal husbandry". First year of five dynasties Shuse Zong Xiande (954) firewood ban mining ploughs. Named after the Sung Yu Jianlong first year (ad 960) reset Shou ling, Chao shows three years of sacrifice, sacrifice too years, lacquer. Dry German for four years (ad 966), Chao Li lingmiao, reset Shou Ling v, spring and autumn worship the ether in prison, Royal Edition open Po for four years (ad 971) added to keep Tomb II, a surname, Hao Ying worthy of worship. Since then, the mausoleum and Temple worship. Chong long and Royal sacrifice. The Yuan dynasty, sacrifice things to do, appearance gradually destroyed the temple, to have gone at the end.

Song construction before leaving a Su girl towel gravestone for Su's sister. Hongwu three years (1370), Emperor's search for tombs of emperors, so Hao-Ling first column of the first four years, driving with these (now Huaiyang), Emperor's congratulatory message to sacrifice. For eight years, sending the row as the burial site. For nine years, reply and observe the mausoleum. Zhengtong Emperor Orthodox 13 years (year 1448), zhizhou and Zhang zhidao played State bed Temple, and gallery Wu, and JI door, and kitchen library, and slaughter sacrifice, room; days Shun six years (year 1462), complex plus repair, State Hou Temple, and Bell, and fast bed and breakfasts room, and for three Qing views; into of six years (year 1470) increased Bell, and painted Temple; Wanli four years (year 1576), lost coin 3,000 Gold, and overhaul of; Qing Qianlong ten years (year 1745), made State Treasury silver 8,200, greatly repair.

At this point, both within and outside the city wall, large-scale, the Hall is majestic, magnificent, pattern. After the founding of new China, the party and the Government attach great importance to the 1949 XI Ling custody Committee was established in 1962, 1963, has been announced for first batch of cultural relics protection units, County and province. Hao mausoleum of cultural relics in 1980, too, built in 1984 too Hao Ling police station, built in 1985 Huaiyang County Museum, and Hao Ling exhibition site located in too.

Published in 1996 by the State Department for the fourth batch of State-level key cultural relics protection units. So Hao Ling blue waves of Mu South Lake. 70 meters North along the Lakeside, is a width of 25 metres of Cai He, Hao mausoleum South of the border too. Bird's eye panorama first is 11 metres wide bridge across the Cai He, called "delivered good bridge", commonly known as the "bridge", meaning ancestral worship of believers and tourists, come and "man God" meet. Wan Xin was good.

25-metre bridge, open-shoulder blue bridge, bridgehead four stone lions guarding. The bridge 30 meters. Hao ling's first door is too ——— gate this afternoon. This gate was built in the Ming dynasty. Tong 10.35 meters high. Hill, face three, red and gold nails, door for row 9, road, on both sides of the row 7 road, is an imperial regulation. Before, the front had three joined bodies five levels down-firing step, on both sides-hard mountain "eight" monument, above the door hangs too "Hao-Ling", "l", "driving State" horizontal inscribed board.

Around 24 m apart on either side of it, steamed bread volume canopy, East Gate and West Gate. The afternoon toward the door, on the central axis the main tunneling Bluestone paving pave floor with bricks or stones, on both sides of the ancient cypress, solemn. About 30 meters from the gate this afternoon, there's a river, called yudai River, on the river there are three open-shoulder stone arch bridge. Respectively, of the radial gate, East Gate, West Gate. Yudai River through the Tomb walls on both sides, leading to the Cai He, the mausoleum wall outside banks, each with a well, called "Jade belt buckle".

Yudai bridge not far ahead, was-Hall "road equipment", originally known as Tong de door, people call it "three doors", height 8 m, l 126 metres away from the door, single hard mountain style, face between three and have certificate door within three, is the second road gate too HO's mausoleum. Across the road, about 106 instrument meters, as is a high building, hung a stone plaque. Known as the "innate", height 11. 35 metres, is the architecture of the Qing dynasty, with his instrument, are named for the celebrated Fuxi merit. Jian Fei Chui gone on stage three, gray round tile covered roof, weeks turn to cloister, a brick arch in the Centre.

The doors original no boarding ladder, and 70 for the convenience of visitors, was built on both sides of the stairs, visitors may in Pavilion overlooking. Congenital portal for Chi square. Plaza North-South length of 73 meters, width 66 meters. Yudai East-West in the Middle East through the inner city of "three doors" and the outer wall of the "Dong Hua men", West of the inner city "five elements" and the outer wall of the "XI Hua men". South-as opposed to innate "Chi", formerly known as Tai Chi square, or halberd. It was too Hao Tomb North of the Center, with "two meters", "four-door", "three", "five" is the mathematical name of gossip to Fuxi congenital. This door in the ancient architecture is three-column-not in his early wooden arches on the third floor, height 7. 6 metres, built above the high, high five.

East corner gate "overhead view", West corner gate "deign to examine or investigate" Hao Fuxi's too look up into the day, deign to examine or investigate to the ground, and view all things, create congenital gossip to begin Chinese civilization. Chi-hao Ling centre compound too. Southeast corner of campus clock tower, southwest corner of drum tower. Second floor-high 11. 2 meters, confrontation, will face five, deep three, weeks turn to cloisters, heavy mountain-style architecture, for straight wall in the lower base, the upper grey round tile covering, wooden ladders up to the upper inside the building. Hanging out on the Bell cast a giant clock, hit, its melodious. Bass drum drum hung, hit, its sound pleasing to the ear.

Drums on the second floor, volley, confronted zhaomu, blog widget, resounded through the area. Correspond with Chi, as "Commission House", commonly known as "main hall", built in the Ming dynasty, height 15. 7 m, is lingmiao within body volume maximum, and grade Supreme of focus building, surface wide five between, depth three between, Dragon large Ridge, roofing review to yellow glazed tiles, Ridge Shang decoration elegant: in the for consists of glazed Ji Xingtao floor, downstairs has a shrine, shrine within book has "too Hao Fuxi Temple" five Word, around enjoy to 28 bed and breakfasts representative heaven of 28 a constellation; Temple four picked corner for four must people (Pang Juan, and zidu, and Han Xin, and luoch), ornament. Hall "zhangba wooden shrine", carving fine, handsome dignified. Shrine inside the Fuxi, the firstborn double corner back tiger skin, shoulder covered with leaves, hand gossip, barefoot shield belly. Enjoy about a surname, Hao Ying. A surname for the Dragon clan, making leases, Hao-British Dragon, a calendar. Temple within wall Shang embedded has high 1.2 m, and long 36 m of Bluestone embossed Fuxi St traces figure under, respectively for shoe Giants traces, and Fuxi was born, and are Yu Wan Hill, and networking purse seiner, and raised sacrifice, and Hing sachet of, and will last name, and system weddings, and painting gossip, and carved book lease, and for methyl calendar, and Hing ceremony Le, and made is our, and all Yi under clothing, and to Dragon Yuki officer, and collapse buried Yu Chen. In front of the Hall platform, covering more than 300 square meters. Here is the ancient centre of the clan site.

Palace, encircled with stone balustrade, and of the Fuxi shrines are the 1998 overhaul the new addition. Central Commission, drums, on the second floor of the Hall, Bungalows, 42, a colt, the former cloister, Grill doors, tile Ridge, decorative ornament, painted rafters, red columns and green window.

Bungalows North-East through the outer wall of the "two meters", and West North Bungalows through the outer wall of the "four-door", two things. Commission under the Palace back door step 36. 2 m, that is second only to the Temple of the Commission "Yan Temple", commonly known as the "second house". The Palace-high 16.

4 m, seven lata, deep to five, heavy mountain, grey round tile top, high corridors, pillars stand around, the structure is simple, demure, serious. And Jen is 7 metres away from the temple too was founded, also known as "sleep House", as a mountain-high building, height 16. 66 m, face three, enter deep three, weeks turn to cloister, his grey round tile top. The Royal Highness to an old city gate openings, openings above the embedded with incised script "too began" the words right hanging, "State the following day" left hanging "like gods" iron plaque. Build sleeping Hall, hatchback has steps, the small side door, around the temple on the tour, also known as "go car" flats. The building was built in the Ming dynasty, three times grand slam into masonry. Li Ming Zhengde inside the building for eight years (1513 ad) Imperial monument pass, also known as "the three stone". Hao mausoleum ancient monument it is too early. Beginning of inscription "Hong Wu four years", it is legend now seen too Hao Tomb structure was built in the Ming dynasty, Hongwu style of the Palace in Nanjing four years. Civil legend is: Yuan dynasty late, Zhu Yuanzhang led soldiers uprising, hit has a defeat, only left he alone, and Hou has soldiers, in desperate of Shi, run to has too Hao Fuxi of small temple within, prayer said: "people progenitor master if can insurance I safe, future once have world, must pursuant to I of Palace, for the you rebuilt Temple, again plastic gold body, said also strange, he voice just fell, a only spider immediately in temple door fast to knot up has Web. Yuan Bing on the temple, see Web fengmen, chased away.

Subsequently, the world established the Ming dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang, Yu Hongwu four years sent his Minister xuda and Hao Ling rebuilt too. So Hao Ling ancient monument has more than 200 employees, and inscriptions, mostly as Fuxi sing the praises of, and some species are in the mausoleum building repairs or revise a, most of people around "mother pilgrimage" monument.

Emperor sent Ministers to offer sacrifices, then called the "tablet of Imperial sacrifices", currently there's not much left. Sleeping behind the temple is "innate gossip". The altar and the Temple of the sleeping 5 apart. 22 meters, masonry brick base, straight-walled equilateral Octagon, size 4.45 m 0.74 m high, featuring blue bead. Congenital gossip green brick is the positive-sequence for dry (33), against (33), (33), earthquakes (33), Tatsumi (32), Key Biscayne (33), Spain (33), Kun (33). 18 angular notch, existing on a statue of "Dragon horse", commonly known as "Davids deer". Anecdotally, these four do not like for the ancient one savvy gossip high road of the State.

He saw the innate gossip and uncompromising world, litigation, and none when it comes to details about gossip into a natural "Davids deer", we funded the casting a Davids deer standing on the altar, to warn future generations. Congenital gossip after the altar is the forbidden city, the city was Fuxi's giant tombs, "Ling high ten search" (search equivalent of this 8 Chi). Side length of 182 metres, below the round on, take the round sky and square earth was intended. Shaft has a giant tombstone before the Tomb, 3. 46 meters, width 80 cm, large feet, and neither the legend nor a year. Therefore, book about the inscription and dating, it said. The Huaiyang County said: inscriptions as "too Hao-Fu XI's Tomb", but the last word "Ling long", saying that "according to legend, this monument female napkins or Su Changgong Su Wenzhong. "It was said that Wei and Jin is one of the books. But female Su Su girl towel book legend wide. Said it was during the reign, reinstate lingmiao, June, want to build a monument before the mausoleum, beautify the appearance. Know Su Dongpo in his brother, such as the boat lived, it will send people to, asking him to write "too Hao-Fu XI's Tomb" seven words. Department of paper and ink notes sent to the boat coincided with Dongpo did not return out of town to play, study halls as their girl brother sister Su and his maid, see ink and paper on the table, you big time, without a Fortune with her sweat towel, "Hao Fu XI's Tomb too" seven Chinese characters written. Su come back and see, overjoyed to think old ancient, passed through the ages. Please come, Su paid. There is "too Hao-Fu Xi Shi mo". Says Su play back, Sue Walker front six-writing firm, yet the "grave" written wrong "not" very sorry, Sue Walker aside only laughing words. Look at little sister, proud, Su Dongpo, suddenly wake up and praise: "wonderful, wonderful". It turns out that Sue Walker is Earth-Earth.

This three I don't know what to say is Yes, or c that are non-, old, weathered Sun, the next word has blurred, so it cannot be verified. Behind the mausoleum was "Yarrow Park." The Huaiyang County records: "too after Hao ling, a Yarrow Park, wall height of nine feet wide 80 steps. "As one of the eight views of Huaiyang ——" spring of Yarrow ". Legend, Fuxi is under the white turtle and tortoise pattern picked Yarrow "fold must draw the positive", setting a congenital gossip, so called "God must". National is said to have only three on the grass: Qufu, Shandong, Shanxi Jin Temple, then too Hao-ling.

Grass rare, ancient Emperor worship in spring and autumn seasons ago mining man, upon her return to Beijing, reports must be brought back to a bunch of Yarrow as too Hao-Ling symbol. So Hao ling, inter alia on the central axis of the main building, Commission outside of the days between the temple and the Yan Temple, East has three modes: concept, Laojun concept, the concept of Yue Fei. Another Vulcan, West has four views: female snail's view, the view of the Jade Emperor, fairy concept, the three heavens of the view. These seven concept, is now the only concept of Yue Fei, six other views to be restored.

In too Ho-ling, the legendary God does not say, even the emperor was only equipped with incense. In addition, three outside the dressing Pavilion just before five, East outside Donghua gate and xihua gate in the West. West of the Meridian Gate in the East in front of the stone arch, called kaiwuchengwu, West in front of the stone arch, said State the following day.

These should also be restored. Area Cooper-108, guhuai 2, Tan 3 trees newly planted pine and thousands of marijuana plants. In the southeast corner of the area, there is a known "Huaiyang solos", "China is a must," pine style park. In June 1996, CCTV in one, two or four sets of programs of the Kyushu Verve bar, made a special report entitled the pine of the modeling world is strange. The Park was built in 1957, a variety of pine and styling more than more than 200 species.

So Hao Ling another landscape, make visitors linger to forget to go home. So Hao of the mausoleum, with its unique architectural style, magnificent architecture, extensive and profound culture, awe-inspiring, breathtaking. Qing Lei Fangxiao wrote a poem; "Wan Lung Poon on Avon, firmly Yue Zhi ling alone; open world scale, Road King Crown Imperial weather. "More than eight years old Taiwanese unlimited says Mr Fang Yachu Ode:" Miss wife woman dream with You Taihao mausoleum. "Contact address: King of Huaiyang County, Henan province XI the old capital in scenic area Tel: 0394-2693610 email: taihaolingyx@126.comWelcome to Site Url library

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So Hao Fu XI Ling:So Hao ling, the first of the three emperors too Hao-Fu Xi Shi lingmiao, North of 1.5 km in Huaiyang County, Henan province, State-level key cultural relics protection units. One of China's 18 famous mausoleum. Because it is the Chinese human ancestor lingmiao, so called the first mausoleum. On June 26, 1997,..

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