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Kunming, Yunnan agricultural University, located in spring city, Longquan mountain, North East adjacent to panlong River, adjacent to the famous scenic spot of heilongtan Park in Kunming, Yunnan province are provincial key University.
Current Party Secretary Zhang Haixiang, Zhu youyong, President. History the school was founded in 1938, formerly known as the national agricultural college of Yunnan University, building site in Kunming Chenggong County, independence in 1958 into Kunming Institute of agriculture and forestry, moved to the northern suburbs of Kunming heilongtan, 1962, Yunnan University, Kunming, Yunnan University into College of agriculture and forestry, 1969 moved to Binchuan County in Dali Prefecture in 1970, moved to the original qujingdiqu xundian County, established 1971 merged with Yunnan Agriculture University Yunnan agricultural University in 1980, moved back to the northern suburbs of Kunming heilongtan.
1983 master's degree granting units, 1993 as Yunnan Provincial key University in 2003 and doctoral degree granting units, in 2007 the establishment of post-doctoral research station. Running scale of Yunnan agricultural University, school for 70 years, generations of teachers and students adhering to the "school is, the origins of faith" of University spirit, feelings of seedtime and harvest, territory, and went hard, committed to entrepreneurship, school has been expanding. Full-time students in school, graduate, and doctoral students 16,137 people, students of 46 people, 8,773 students in ** education. Campus occupies an area of 2,150 acres. In recent years, school infrastructure construction, realizing the leap type development, campus-area quadruple 507,000 square, teaching staff's residential area is quadrupling the 227,000 square; equipment $ 161 million worth of teaching and research; 1.3257 million volumes of the library collection, electronic literature 2.6 million volumes, Gigabit campus network functional; fixed assets worth more than 520 million Yuan.
School is now 18 faculties (Department), covers farming, livestock farming, hydroelectric, agricultural engineering, agricultural economics and management, such as agriculture-related disciplines, as well as part of the humanities and social science disciplines, the tobacco Institute and school of Pu-Erh tea is a service advantage industry of Yunnan province and built features of the teaching units. School has 59 undergraduate professional disciplines, including 6 professional education specialty construction, provincial characteristic specialty construction points 7, 8 are provincial key discipline. 25 provincial key disciplines, Postdoctoral Research Institute on subject 1, discipline and second level disciplines authorized to offer doctorate degree level 11, subjects and master of second-level disciplines authorized to offer 45. Agricultural extension master's degrees, master's degrees and College of veterinary medicine in-service studying for master degree-awarding authority, in-service personnel applying for master's degree right of approval authority and enrollment of foreign students. Professional discipline platform construction effectiveness significantly, existing national agricultural section Professional based experiment teaching model Center, and national agricultural biological diversity application engineering research center and national Pu-Erh tea Certification Center, national teaching, and research and Social Service Center 4 a; Ministry of education agricultural biological diversity and pest control focus laboratory, 17 a Department provincial focus laboratory and Research Center; crop species mass resources innovation and can continued using, 9 a Yunnan province College focus laboratory and Research Center
; Biodiversity in Yunnan province and biotechnology innovation base, environmental science and engineering innovative talents cultivation bases in Yunnan province one; the school has 18 University research institutes (Center), campus experimental farm and practice factory and 60 outside of practice teaching bases. Existing in-service teachers school staff in 1581, and subtropical high levels above title 547 teachers, doctoral students, 62 Master Instructor 353; pH 183 teachers, master teachers and 402; the Chinese Academy of engineering academician 1 person, Member of national teaching guidance Committee 4, MoE and academician 1 person. Awarded the national level teaching famous teacher and 1, provincial-level teacher of the year 7.
Has national model teachers, and national excellent teachers, and national education model workers, and national agricultural model workers, 14 people, provincial excellent teachers 15 people, national 973 plans project Chief Scientist 1 people, national baiqianwan talent engineering candidates 3 people, State Council special allowance 18 people, provincial government special allowance 14 people, Yunnan province highlight contribution experts 12 people, Yunnan province academic and technology leader 10 people, teaching research leader 8 people, young academic technology leader reserve talent 21 people, technology innovation talent 2 people.
Running thought Yunnan agricultural University always is rooted frontier, service three agricultural, for Yunnan biological diversity and national culture diversity features, around national and local social economic development major needs, insisted educational for this, and quality state school, and talent strong school, and research Hing school, and highlight features of running concept, school raised are cultivation frontier national talent, origins sincere interpretation biological resources advantage, efforts put school construction became to agricultural section for advantage, more discipline coordination development, has sharp features of teaching research type University. Schools continuously update the concept of educational thought and the teaching reform, explore the new teaching mode, deepening teaching reform, around the socio-economic needs, highlighting the regional characteristics, and adjust the professional structure; relying on scientific research platform, builds the teaching base, cultivate students ' practice ability and innovative spirit standardizing teaching management, building security system, strengthen quality control. Has possessed national level teaching famous teacher, national excellent courses, State-level experimental teaching demonstration Center, national talent training mode innovation experimental zone, national specialty construction, continually raising the quality of talent training, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, examination and assessment of graduates employment in colleges and universities in Yunnan province for seven consecutive years is excellent. Awarded the national prize for exceptional teaching award, 2 for 1, prize of provincial teaching achievement Prize on 1, 9, 26, teaching award in the universities in Yunnan province.
"The Senate of the National University Excellence", "National Advanced Unit in education". Number of talent training school locations, times business, go through UPS and downs, but absolutely determined, always uneven social development of Yunnan and low economic development level of reality, school, education, individualized, disgusting nurture border peoples talents. Early school, agricultural educator Tang Huisun, agronomist Zhang Haiqiu, Duan Yongjia in breeding scientist Zhu Baochu, plant pathologists, tobacco scientist Xu Tianliu Cai Kehua Zan Weilian, bio statisticians, Horticultural Science, represented by a group of academic fathers pioneered frontier agricultural University Education Foundation; private style inspired generations of students in practicing "thick German learned, sensible agriculture" motto. Running 70 years to for social training has 100,000 over name has "Science sentiment, and Earth feelings, and farmers complex" of excellent talent, which rice breeding home, and national advanced workers returned Deng Youcheng, dedicated Yi District 50 years, finishing into "Chu japonica" series rice varieties, promotion area accounted for Yunnan province in the elevation area rice planting area 50% above; tobacco breeding expert, and "national tobacco industry model workers" Li Yung-ping, Breeding "Yunyan 85" and "Yunyan 87" varieties, promotion area accounts for 2007 national tobacco cultivation in the area of 56.7% national "five ·" labor medal winner Cui Xiuming, based on frontier Ling Miao Zhuang, to create a "home of 37" pillar industry technology leader; animal husbandry expert Ma Chongwen rooted grass-roots front line, "Touched China animal husbandry and veterinary science and technology to promote meritorious people"; "national outstanding women entrepreneurs" Haiyan Li Hua Xi independent founder of Kunming animal husbandry group, a national poverty alleviation leading enterprises.
Yunnan province agricultural high technicians 80% above, and agricultural technology promotion station (by) heads 80% above, and County township competent agricultural of led 80% above is I school graduates, minority graduates accounted for 30% above, they both familiar minority culture, and and master modern agricultural technology and management knowledge, roots frontier national area pursued, hard work, for promotion national unity, and frontier stability, promotion frontier national area social economic development made has important contribution. 70 years of scientific research, full use of the resources of schools, combined with the demand for national and socio-economic development of Yunnan province, through the unremitting efforts of several generations, in plant and animal breeding, green food industry and biotechnology industry with local characteristics, environmental resources and ecological protection, irrigation and Water Conservancy and water-saving agriculture, agricultural engineering and has made a number of significant achievements in agricultural information. Li Zhengyou Professor, lead in domestic achieved has hybrid japonica "three of" supporting, was national science Assembly award, created has hybrid japonica yields 1108.55 kg of world record; Zeng Yangzhi Professor, concentrated research West double Banna micro pig near cross of near 30 years, breeding 25 generation, near cross coefficient up 99.47%, home international leading level; Zhu youyong Professor, in international Shang created has biological diversity control crop disease of theory and technology, in Yunnan, and Sichuan, and Guizhou, and 11 provinces such as Jiangxi and application of 120 million acres in Southeast Asia, has had a significant socio-economic and ecological benefits, research papers published in the cover of Nature as the full text of the article, highly valued and widely accepted by the academics at home and abroad. Schools are breeding new varieties of rice, maize, sugar cane, potatoes and other hundreds, application 160 million acres in the Southwest and Southeast Asia. Cultivation in Yunnan great rivers sub pig commercial strains of swine, and Yunnan longling yellow goat and wuding black-bone chicken and other livestock and poultry breeds, promote raising 150 million head (only). 2000 yilai, school get United Nations FAO (FAO) scientific research first prize 1 items, international agricultural research (CGIAR) outstanding Science Award 1 items, what beam what Lee science and technology progress award 1 items, national technology invention second prize 1 items, China College ten technology progress 1 items, provincial first prize 11 items, and second prize 22 items, and third prize 59 items, other awards 11 items, achievements ranked province University vanguard.
Current school auspices of the Global Environment Facility (UNEP/GEF), the "973" project, "" 863 "program, the national science and technology support program, the National Natural Science Fund and provincial projects over more than 1900, more than 280 million yuan in developing funding, talent, research schools, science has provided a solid foundation. Cooperation and exchange between schools in Great Britain, the United States, Japan, France, Holland, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and other 32 countries from 118 universities and international research agencies set up academic exchanges and scientific and educational cooperation. Netherlands Groningen (Wageningen) University, Viet Nam Vinh University Union recruit training undergraduate students. United Kingdom Wolfe Hampton (Wolverhampton) University, France Lille (Lille) University joint masters. And Japan, Kagoshima University, Kyoto University, Australia La Trobe (La Trobe) University and other Exchange students. Hosted more than 20 research projects of international cooperation.
Hired 116 academicians and experts from at home and abroad with high academic credentials Professor til contributed to increased levels of school teaching and research. Party and Government leadership, management, and instruction in spiritual civilization construction of spiritual civilization in unison, firmly establish the "education oriented, moral education first" concept, comprehensive advocates teaching, management, service, education, inspired scholars, fostering the right path and concentrated the origins, carry forward University spirit to really sincere. Advanced individual of national excellent Communist Party Member, the national teachers ' morality emerged, the national top ten "peasant" figures, the national advanced individual of national unity, in Yunnan province's top ten talent, top ten outstanding young people in Yunnan province, Yunnan Provincial model worker, more than 100 people. 16 Party Congress representatives, 17 1, Standing Committee of the national people's Congress, 1. Cultivate a national undergraduate, righteous hero Yang Jibin college students; hundreds of college students throughout the country remain resilient star Liu Yanhua; Hu Ying of national excellent students; national disabled Games Marathon champion Han Guiming; first chairpersons of national urban TV amateur competition best moderator Liu Yaping; national New Silk Road Cup modeling competition area champion Xu Jing, Yunnan and other college students. Summer jobs for college students "sanxiaxiang" social practice for 16 years by the Communist Youth League recognition, College men's basketball team basketball competition in colleges and universities in Yunnan province for 20 consecutive years. Nearly three years China made, made 174 people in Yunnan province, Yunnan advanced class 14, 53 persons of excellent student cadres.
School won the national award for outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture in colleges and universities, was awarded the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization and moral education advanced unit in Yunnan province. School development planning is, the origins of sincerity, learned, enrich Yunnan agricultural University Yunnan province 70 years of running persistent pursuit, was left in Plateau clay heavy footprints on the ground. School walk with frontier developments, needs to keep pace with the times, and for the stability in the border regions, national unity, economic development, social progress has made an irreplaceable contribution. On the occasion of the school's 70 birthday, ushered in the undergraduate teaching level evaluation of Ministry of education opportunities. In accordance with the "promote construction by evaluation, change school assessment, school assessment, tubes, combined assessment, and construction" principle, school planning carefully, working together, tamp the Foundation, implemented the first step second step at higher standards, the third objective of the "three-step" development strategy. In provincial governments, provincial ministries of education, provincial party Committee, and for the concern and support of the public, the first step "plan targets successfully completed, the second step" Eleven-Five "planning implementation success and achievements. Today the campus trees, flowers, and each other in the panlong River; the high calibre and a large pool, and numerous students, a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe in the Longquan mountains foothills. Years witness the agricultural University of people loyal to the cause of education, the times calls Yunnan agricultural University carrying on and create a good business.
School have the confidence and determination to build 80 years to achieve the third-step objectives into a similar college class, internationally renowned, with distinctive teaching and research University. Afraid of guanshan far now and then across. Yunnan agricultural University to live up to the expectations of the party and the people, together with 47 million people of all nationalities in Yunnan province create the fantastic rosy clouds in the future!site url . org
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Kunming, Yunnan agricultural University, located in spring city, Longquan mountain, North East adjacent to panlong River, adjacent to the famous scenic spot of heilongtan Park in Kunming, Yunnan province are provincial key University. Current Party Secretary Zhang Haixiang, Zhu youyong, President. History the sch..

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