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The ban Yue Tan is the Central propaganda department according to the need of strengthening grass-roots ideological and political work in the new period, delegates hosted by the Xinhua News Agency and the primary readers of important journals, founded in May 1980.

Since 1985, the half moon on the circulation and influence has been ranked first in the national political press, known as "first published in the Republic of China". Half months on under always insisted high style of popularity, high grade of popularized, insisted to current affairs policy mainly, and to grass-roots readers mainly, and to positive publicity mainly of Office magazine approach, both insisted has correctly of opinion oriented, and carry forward has theme, and reflected has opinion boot of pointed, and effectiveness, in readers in the produced good response, became my journals community deeply general readers favorite of "brand", became party in publicity thought front a quite effect of opinion positions.

The ban Yue Tan won the first, the second "national award for hundreds of key periodicals", the first, second "journal award in China", "Chinese journals square matrix" of social science journals "double high" highest honor first. More than 20 years to, half months on magazine by Office of publications by initially of half months on under a, gradually development into including half months on internal version under (monthly), and current affairs information manual under (double monthly), and products read under (monthly) and Uighur text version half months on under, and Tibetan version half months on under zainei of multilingual, and more version of series publications.

Series of publications for the needs of different audiences, multi-level, all-round digs feature coverage, in-depth reporting and exclusive reports, widely praised by the community, is also the designated as the national call centre high self-taught students only must read reference materials. Ban Yue Tan with positive enthusiasm to publicize the party's principles and policies, to be a good mouthpiece of the party and the people's eyes and ears as its mission, stick around the introduction of major decisions determining the party and state coverage of topics, timely and accurately interpret the central policies. "Read the Canon", "not in tune" with advanced culture and healthy values, sing, sing good theme. Founded in early of the half moon on the exclusive publication of Comrade DENG Xiaoping on Mao Zedong thought, and Deng Xiaoping's answer Italy asked, starting three of the CPC Central Committee on the reform of rural "first," and so on, had caused public opinion at home and abroad and a broad audience attention publications thus become famous overnight.

Today under the Congress theme, the 16-16, the third plenary session of the thematic topics, and topics such as establishing and implementing the scientific Outlook on development, further demonstrates the style and characteristics of important dangkan. Insist on "three being close to" contact people as good party ties, is the purpose of talking about consistency in the first half. Since launch day, talk to do grass-roots cadres in the first half of "consultants", "friends" as its mission, hotspots, difficulty of grass-roots cadres concerned as a focus of the publication reports. Because of this, the ban Yue Tan was founded shortly, there was this story: reform had just started, people have many of these concerns, Sichuan farmers market on the second half tied on their shoulder pole, go pick up where publications posted on the policy of the Central spirit for their backing and courageous.

A lug of the Central spirit, one end attached to the masses, "shoulder pole" spirit became the half moon on media coverage always an important symbol. Talk about the magazine in the first half while running series publications are also influential "award for innovation in ideological and political work in the first half," "top ten poor scholar", "high school students scholarship" and "ban Yue Tan friends ' award-winning knowledge contest" and other social welfare activities, and concern by the central leadership and fully affirmed. Comrade Jiang Zemin's "award for innovation in ideological and political work in the first half," the inscription: "do the ideological and political work in the new era"; former President Yang Shangkun "student scholarship" inscription of activity: "I wish you success"; Comrade then-Chinese Premier Li Peng as "national top ten poor scholar" award inscription: "

Enabling poverty common prosperity ". The ban Yue Tan was founded 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years of commemorative activities, successively, Li xiannian and Chen Yun, Peng Zhen, Xu Xiangqian, XI Zhongxun, and other party and State leaders of the older generation inscription for the ban Yue Tan publications: "be a good mouthpiece of the party and the people"; "do reader's best friends." Head, Deputy Minister on numerous occasions about the application information in the first half made important instructions and specific deployments. In March 1995, the then head of Comrade Liu Yunshan, Deputy Minister had specifically said the ban Yue Tan was "first published in the Republic of China".

Xinhua News Agency Mu Qing, President of the old comrades had the ban Yue Tan inscription: "radiation effects generation." The ban Yue Tan was founded early on identified the "Newsroom" running thoughts, that rely on the strength of the whole party and the whole society to run. "Large Newsroom" of members, has Xinhua News Agency resident domestic 31 a local points social, and over world 106 a presence institutions near 4,000 people of news information collection network, and Central and the national ministries of near hundreds special reporter, set in the province, and autonomous region, and municipalities and to, and city, and State of correspondent team, two a minority text version compiled room and set in Beijing, and Chongqing, 26 a city assumed series publications printing, and release of printing factory of staff, also has around party led and publicity Comrades, the postal sector for the concern and support of the ban Yue Tan.

"Editorial Board" greatly expanded, extended magazine editorial function, organization sections, providing information, advocacy issue and carry out various social welfare activities to be carried out effectively. Talk magazine focusing on social and economic benefits in the first half double harvest.

Magazine, following many years of "Advanced Unit of spiritual civilization construction in the capital" after the title of 1995-1999 was granted last year for 5 consecutive years "civilized unit of capital model", and are identified as "civilized unit activities in pilot sites in the capital." Address on the magazine in the first half, Shijingshan district, Beijing, 8th, the same way 100,043 email: international trade: 6,151 fax: (010) editorial news, phone: (010)Welcome to Site Url library

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Xinhua ban Yue Tan channel:The ban Yue Tan is the Central propaganda department according to the need of strengthening grass-roots ideological and political work in the new period, delegates hosted by the Xinhua News Agency and the primary readers of important journals, founded in May 1980. Since 1985, the half moon on the circulation and in..

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