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With our experience and long term relationships with all the major players of the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, De Dietrich is uniquely suited to support you with your processing needs.

What sets us apart is the expertise we have developed in the field of manufacturing process equipment combined with the knowledge and experience our engineering teams have gained supporting the installation, commissioning and operation of thousands of systems over the years.

With more than 15 subsidiaries worldwide, De Dietrich is a truly global company providing unmatched service to its customers.

Because we believe our customers deserve the best, we provide state of the art solutions with the same level of commitment and quality to customers in every part of the world.

The De Dietrich competence center has expertise in:
Glass-lined reactors
Advanced mixing technology with OptiMix® design and GlasLock® system / Heat Transfer - Simulation capabilities
Glass lining technology
Process solutions
Engineered Systems
Cleaning solutions (CIP)
Range of solutions for Polyaluminium Chloride production units
Powder transfer solutions: Powder Pump

Our vision: With more than 300 years of international expertise in process industries, we are committed to be the superior value generator for our customers, by providing innovative, unique and sustainable solutions.

De Dietrich Process Systems designs, produces and markets solutions based on equipment which uses glass-lined steel, stainless steel, special alloys, and borosilicate glass technologies respectively for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

De Dietrich's business also covers the engineering, planning, installation and commissioning of chemical units in materials resistant to corrosion and provides the corresponding service provisions.

De Dietrich Process Systems has a strong global presence, with offices located in fifteen countries. Our diverse customer base consists of companies whose demanding processes require products capable of high performance, reliability and safety.

De Dietrich Process Systems is developing its global organization with two objectives in mind:

To achieve an identical, superior level of quality in each of our units while maintaining safety and respect for the environment
To maintain a presence on each continent for service, maintenance and repair while utilizing local production where available


We care about our CUSTOMERS:

Running our business with a strong code of conduct
Solving customer challenges
Developing innovative solutions
Guaranteeing performance excellence and service responsiveness
Listening and responding in a timely manner
We care about our EMPLOYEES:

Encouraging entrepreneurial and team spirit
Fostering diversity and equal opportunities
Providing a safe and healthy environment
Accepting only professional and ethical behavior
Listening to all point of views and addressing problems
Having an open and transparent communication channel
We create values for all our STAKEHOLDERS:

Driving continuous improvement
Leading by example
Ensuring profitable and sustainable growth
Embracing creativity to stay ahead of competition
Streamlining our internal processes
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1 floor Office website Of The De Dietrich [*.*.*.*] published in 2018/12/06/ 10:19:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Office website Of The De Dietrich:With our experience and long term relationships with all the major players of the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, De Dietrich is uniquely suited to support you with your processing needs.

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