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Denmark Crown audio (AVANCE) from Denmark high speaker brand. Today, AVANCE brand has over 40 years of history on a global scale has become "Denmark acoustic" synonymous. History of Hi-Fi audio, AVANCE has pioneered concrete speakers history and swept the world. 30 years later, AVANCE introduced color metal speaker with enough unique stunning design and sound quality. AVANCE in 1973 by PoulRossing (baoluole) was founded in Denmark the coastal cities of the Kingdom Holbeak, and subsequently become renowned the world over a period of a few years of Hi-Fi brands. AVANCE originally derived from Poul Rossing passion for music. The Europe's most famous "Godfather of sound" sound in the teenage showed interest and talent beyond the ordinary.
A student, he was a local jazz band drummer, this experience deeply influenced his design philosophy and AVANCE brand which lasted more than 30 years is not bad. Father Poul Rossing is Denmark's most prestigious Hi-Fi stereo agents, he founded the Rossing Electronics A/S company used to be a lot of Hi-Fi audio brand in Denmark's sole agent. Poul Rossing21 in his father's footsteps when he was, head in the audio business, he founded Avance International A/S company, AVANCE-branded speakers. Soon after, the AVANCE launches the world's first case on concrete material shape and asymmetric Hi-End speaker, almost no resonance and sound box dye. From concrete sound of the speaker with very high resolution and dynamic response, if a clean, clear the background, very highly in audio circles. Especially in Europe, Japan and other countries enthusiasts hailed as "Holy order". Concrete speakers succeeded in not only laid the AVANCE's historical position in HI-FI stereo, also the AVANCE from a Denmark local brands is rapidly becoming global brands. Concrete speakers produce the inconvenience, as production increases, AVANCE line subject to many restrictions, so instead Poul Rossing inputs to the production of wooden speaker. In Denmark under special climate environment grow beech is made speaker of one of the best materials.
AVANCE solid wood speaker soon gained a high reputation on a global scale. "The essence of sound, is to restore the real voice" is the AVANCE sound understanding of AVANCE basic principles of design products.

Therefore, application of AVANCE attaches great importance to high quality speaker units, during most of the AVANCE products, are used by Denmark HI-FI speakers, famous Scan-speak, Dynaudio AVANCE tailor-made units, if a sibling product standards to measure, AVANCE inputs on the unit cost many times more expensive than its competitors. AVANCE's design style is known for its serene and full of flavor, it combines design and functionality integrated into the design, high degree of unity of balance and coordination, combined with sophisticated, superior craftsmanship, representing Denmark's design tastes. AVANCE for many products, sound performances alone, millions of dollars could not be HI-END at the level of sound comparable to, but for practicality and value for money, still does not have a brand and par AVANCE.

Today, Avance International A/S has already held the speaker line up to more than 20 articles, and in Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris, Sydney, New York, Tokyo and other major cities in developed countries to establish a branch extends sales reach quickly to the world. Contact phone: 8620-400-830-8511 email: recommend

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1 floor Reji [2.50.3.*] published in 2014/06/25/ 03:55:00
Hi, I have Avance A910 power amplifier, any one hav the manual or specifications.
2 floor VENKAT [94.206.86.*] published in 2015/08/11/ 11:56:00
Hi Reji,
I have Avance A910 a balanced integrated amplifier, but i couldn

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