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Valencia Club de Fútbol, ​​abbreviated: Valencia CF, Valencia, nickname: Los Ches, also known as the bat corps, also translated as "Valencia Football Club", is the Spanish Football League football club one. Founded in 1919, is located in Spain's third largest city of Valencia. Valencia is a veteran team with a long history, the number of members for the third in Spain. Early team wearing a white shirt and white shorts, so Spain has "white ghost" said. Valencia city rivals have Levante, the region rivals Villarreal. Valencia is known for its style, which is characterized by a fast offensive and defensive conversion, efficient defense against the team.

Valencia is one of Europe's leading giants, most of the time spent in La Liga, since the 1930/31 season won the B group champions rose on a group, has been in the Spanish game, until 1985 / 86 season accident class, then quickly as a group championship identity back to A group, since the team has been operating in La Liga. 60 years for the team's most glorious moment, 1961/62 fourth European Expo Cup, the team scored 33 goals, creating the European Expo Cup game scoring record, including the top eight 10: 3 victory Budapest MTK team, final 7: 3 swept Barcelona. The second year, won the European Expo Cup champion. 1963/64 season, Valencia hopes to create three consecutive myths, but this time in the final 1: 2 loss to Zaragoza, runner-up. In addition, it is proud that Valencia won the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1980. Then, Valencia again in the European Super Cup Lectra England Nottingham Forest, which is the first time the Spanish team won the European Super Cup.

In 1919, a group of people in the center of the Turha River capital called [TORINO] bar, a group of people to build a team of football team put into action. Valencia Football Club was born, she was another way to celebrate the reputation of his hometown, and the thirteenth century, tens of thousands of bats for Valencia's first conqueror shelter, and later "bat army" by the This name.

The first chairmanship of the soccer team was decided by a coin, and Octavio Augusto Milego Díaz and Gonzalo Medina Pernás were eligible for the chairmanship. They decided to throw a coin to decide on the front and back sides of the board. Who is the job? Finally Octavio Augusto Milego Díaz was lucky to win. But they are like the previous, no strife and jealousy, side by side in the la calle Barcelonina on a house to work together to assume the cause of this new club. Valencia is such a birth. The first year of Valencia management also had them: Pascual brothers, Julio Gascó, Andrés Bonilla, José Llorca, Fernando Marzal and Adolfo Moya.

However, the establishment of Valencia, whether in the community, or in the media, there is no response. Due to the political situation in society, Spain is in an uncertain era, when the newspaper is difficult to deal with sports news. Before the establishment of Valencia, there were several clubs in the city, but they did not dominate the football in Valencia. In 1908, there were already several clubs in the area of ​​Valencia: Levante, Real Gimnástico, Hispania or Hispano.

After the club was founded, the first game was a away game, located in Castillo, time was May 21, 1919, the opponent was Real Gimnástico, the result was 1-0 win. The players who play this game will be recorded in the annals of Valencia: Marco, Amador Peris, Julio Gasco, Fernando Marzal, Pepe Llobet, Antonio Ferre, Luis Fernandez, Umbert, Martinez Ibarra, Aliaga and Gomez Juaneda.

The first Valencia's own own stadium is no longer exist in Achilles, was opened on December 7, 1919. Achilles is the venue of all the club's home events until 1923 when the Mestalla Stadium is officially used. On the opening day of the Mestalla Stadium, the club invited Castellón Castalia for the show, with a result of 0-0. The next day, the two teams played again, Valencia won 1: 0.

Introduction to the song

The song of Valencia was released on September 21, 1993, at the official celebration of the 75th anniversary of the club. The song was invited by the club at the time of the classical composer D. Pablo Sanchez Torella, written by Ramon Gimeno Gil.


Himno Oficial del Valencia Club de Futbol
Himne del València C.F.
& Eacute; s un equip de primera
Nostre València Club de Futbol
Que lluita per a defendre
En totes bandes nostres colors
En el Camp de l'Algirós
Ja comen & ccedil; àrem a demostrar
Que era una bona manera
Per a València representar
Amunt València, Visca el València,
És el millor
Amunt València, Visca el València
Del nostre cor
Units com sempre
Els valencianistes et seguirem
En cada estadi per a què triomfes
En la capital del Túria
És el València qui vist de blanc
I defén la camiseta
Ple de coratge per a guanyar
En Mestalla continuarem
Sempre esfor & ccedil; ant-se
Per a triomfar
I les glòries arribaren
I en competència continuaran
Amunt València, Visca el València,
És el millor
Amunt València, Visca el València,
Del nostre cor
Units com sempre
Els valencianistes et seguirem,
En cada estadi perquè triomfes

Related honors

Spanish soccer league championship (6 times)
1941/42, 1943/44, 1946/47, 1970/71, 2001/02, 2003/04
Spanish King's Cup (7 times)
1941, 1949, 1954, 1967, 1979, 1999, 2008
Spanish Super Cup (2 times)
1949, 1999
International City Fair Cup (2 times)
1961/62, 1962/63
UEFA Cup (1 time)
European Winner's Cup (1 time)
European Champions League runner-up (2 times)
1999/00, 2000/01
European Super Cup (2 times)
1980, 2004
UEFA Teddy Cup Champion (1 time)
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Valencia Club de Fútbol, ​​abbreviated: Valencia CF, Valencia, nickname: Los Ches, also known as the bat corps, also translated as Valencia Football Club, is the Spanish Football League football clu

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