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Orange, France Telecom is a carrier, in 1994, the company officially entered the British market. In 1996, the company officially listed on the London Stock Exchange, and in the same year on April 2 officially NASDAQ Stock Exchange, the largest shareholder is Hutchison Whampoa, accounting for 48% of the shares; while British Airways accounted for 22% of the shares . Total assets had reached $ 8.4 billion. July 1997, the company's users has reached 1 million, becoming the company's history, an extraordinary milestone. In 1998, the company's stock was the best performer on the French stock market one. The company has begun to aggressively expand its international business, and has been in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, successfully carried out its strategy of internationalization. The end of 1999, the company has been in Hong Kong, Australia, Israel and India trademark. The company continued focus to provide customers with the best service, in 2001 the company's UK subsidiary won four consecutive top UK Mobile Customer Satisfaction Study.

Orange, France Telecom subsidiary, is the first major British and French mobile operator Orange. In 2004 the company launched at the end of the French and the UK's largest 2.5/3G converged network coverage of 60%, so the user can further enjoy "seamless mobile broadband" service. October 3, 2005 Orange held in London in 2005 World Communications Awards competitions was awarded the "Best International mobile operator" in the title.

Orange France Practical Implications of the domestic carriers

As can be seen fro m the above analysis, Orange France in CP / SP development model gone through a gradual shift fro m a relatively closed half-open road. In the domestic mobile communications market, with China Mobile's "Monternet" as the representative, operators mainly fro m the completely open CP / SP link and start. Both on the surface there is a fundamental difference. In essence, the control of the value chain and promote the prosperity of the industry chain is always affected operators and CP / SP cooperative strategy of the two contradictory factors. Orange pay more attention to the control of the industrial chain, domestic carriers are more valued chain expanded rapidly, resulting both in the initial development mode sel ection differences. However, the past two years, China Mobile and China Unicom are in varying degrees to adjust the original CP / SP mode of development, and a variety of signs that China Mobile is gradually abandon the original completely open "Monternet" mode and increase the SP aspects of the intervention. Future, 3G license issuance and fixed network operators and other new carriers will have to enter the domestic mobile CP / SP market structure bring some uncertainty. According to Orange France's business practices combined with domestic carriers related development initiatives, we could not find: control the value chain and effectively prosperity CP / SP link is always affected operators to make strategic choices of the main factors.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Orange France's official website. Orange is a French telecom operators. In 1996, the company officially listed on the London Stock Exchange, and in the same year on April 2 officially NASDAQ stock exc

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