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Prepare for examinations and take any number of courses fro m various topics on Unacademy - an education revolution.

Classroom education in India has stifled many brilliant minds. With Unacademy, India's largest education platform, we are changing that. In a span of 6 months, over 300,000 students have benefited fro m over 2,400 online lessons and specialised courses on cracking various competitive examinations, on our platform. We have on board some of the top educators in the country, including Kiran Bedi, India's first woman IPS officer and now the Governor of Pondicherry. With over 2 million views every month, we are touching the lives of people in the remotest corners of the country. Our success stories include thousands of students who have cracked toughest of examinations, improved their ability to speak and write better and increase their knowledge. Our vision is to partner with the brightest minds and have courses on every possible topic in multiple languages so the whole world can benefit fro m these courses. India is home to 19% of the world's youth and we are empowering them to take on the world in a manner that classrooms will never do.

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1 floor Unacademy website [*.*.*.*] published in 2018/07/18/ 11:24:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Unacademy website:Prepare for examinations and take any number of courses from various topics on Unacademy - an education revolution.

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