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Is Hysteric Glamour Japan fashion clothing brands. Hysteric Glamour "Hysteric" meaning in English is "hysterical" and "Glamour" meaning "power". There are 4 major series owned by Hysteric Glamour: Hi-End Line is divided into women's clothes "Hysterics" and men's line "Thee Hysteric **" and local market Casual Line for young people "Hysteric Glamour", the third "JOEY

Hysteric "Kids series, the fourth" Collabortion Line "it is because you were in Thee Hysteric Andy Warhol series received an enthusiastic response in the ** series, and an independent out of a collaboration with the artist and Rock Band production line. Hysteric Glamour promoted rock and roll style, always doing something so retro and novelty items, quarterly topics often in the late 70 's to 80 's rock star for the design concept of the first half, naked girls is one of the most common elements. Hysteric Glamour designer bei cunxinyan (Nobunhiko Kitamura) was born in 1962 in Tokyo. Brand Ozone Community work begun in 1984, was established in the same year has been hailed as Japan distant level fashion brand Hysteric Glamour.

Apart from the clothing, he take a store design, set design and all associated to the Hysteric Glamour. Growing up in North cunxinyan, 60, 70 culture's influence on him very deeply. In North cunxinyan of childhood in, from music, and comics, and yellow publications, and Hot Rod, and United States car and the media times culture of thinking mode, became has he future design concept in the obtained of inspiration according to, used those image into he of imagine in, again with he of clothing expression, also thus in he of clothing in the, can see of is Pop, and Kitsch and humor of trend texture, plus fusion packaging design and neon of media energy, create out of is spot belonging to Hysteric Glamour

Unique personality language. Hysteric Glamour for the preceding period mainly dominated by ladies ', in Hysteric Glamour world, total and the art of rock and roll and inseparable. Looks cool Mika Nakashima in numerous fashion brands particularly loving Hysteric Glamour, Mika Nakashima said: I liked this tough yet feminine. Hysteric Glamour and Mika Nakashima has a short story debut not long after her debut in television, NAO by North cunxinyan wife does not know that she is a fan of Hysteric Glamour cases, invited her to serve as the magazine's special edition of Hysteric Glamour in Matou, Mika Nakashima, of course, extremely happy, and NAO as a friend, occasionally visiting one another's homes and showrooms. Of the beast is, Hysteric Glamour "XXS" this size is Mika Nakashima's words: If you have a smaller size would be nice.

Coupled with a Hysteric Glamour in charge of North cunxinyan an old friend, master pushing hard on Kimura Takuya Noguchi wear night and day after the magazine TV on, Hysteric Glamour Japan trend crazy pursuit of fashion brand for men and women. HYSTERIC GLAMOUR 2012 winter new style with a youthful, elegant street style as rendering, color inking bias, also placed considerable emphasis on the material at the same time, as down comforters, corduroy comfort items, such as the use of easily created the passion and energy of youth. Perfect combination of ingenious materials and tailoring, sense of thick winter mix is significantly reduced. In addition to eye-catching dress style lift, joint attention goods is even more people miss; as in the OLD joint rivet STUD belt is the best accessory to.

In addition tannin pants-loving friends, you can see the patch, washing and other model, trust will not be disappointed. Contact phone: 03-3478 per cent.Welcome to Site Url library

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HystericGlamour:Is Hysteric Glamour Japan fashion clothing brands. Hysteric Glamour Hysteric meaning in English is hysterical and Glamour meaning power. There are 4 major series owned by Hysteric Glamour: Hi-End Line is divided into women's clothes Hysterics and men's line Thee Hysteric ** and local market Casual Line fo..

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