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Papua New Guinea Travel Network

Name of the country of Papua New Guinea by the two parts, which means "curly man's land." As crocodile farming is extremely well developed and is hailed as "Alligator Capital of the World."

Papua New Guinea (Papua New Guinea) is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, is an island nation consisting of more than 600 islands. Up to 800 kinds of tongues, which reflected the diversity of its population. But English is the commercial and educational use of the official language. The total number of islands in Papua New Guinea ranks second in the world.

Papua New Guinea and Indonesia West Irian Jaya province, bordering south across the Torres Strait and the Australian sea. Is Melanesian Islands. There are 600 islands throughout. Main islands, including New England, New Ireland Island, Manna Island, Bougainville, Buka Island. Coastline of 8300 km, consisting of 200 mile exclusive economic zone, including water area of ??2.4 million square kilometers. Papua New Guinea, mainly agriculture, according to 2003 statistics, agriculture accounted for 34% of the economy of Papua New Guinea. Major exports are minerals and agricultural products (coffee, cocoa, copra, palm oil, rubber), timber and seafood and so on. Papua New Guinea equatorial rainy climate, the climate is hot and I rainfall, forming a tropical rain forest, its territories and more covered by mountains and tropical rainforests. Papua New Guinea is a tropical rainforest due mainly because, so the creature is also quite rich. Plants are some of the main aspects of hardwood timber up to tens of meters, while animals are mainly dominated by birds and primates.

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Papua New Guinea Travel Network:Name of the country of Papua New Guinea by the two parts, which means curly man's land. As crocodile farming is extremely well developed and is hailed as Alligator Capital of the World.

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