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website score is based on Google, Alexa, Baidu three data centers on the site's data, after the user weighted out of a single weighted value, therefore, in fact, with reference value greater than any one individual. The value score between 0-100, if a site over a period of time, many users praise, its website ratings will be slightly improved.

Website ratings for occasions with the object
one. large traffic sites cooperation can refer to the index.
two. webmaster resource reference exchange one website.
three. companies to promote their products and put an important basis for online advertising.
four. site owners for the value of their own websites and cognitive assessment.
V. Other possible occasion and activities.
About This Site supplementary explanation
This Site is the site of an important reference value assessment, but not the only one; if you are on the website scoring algorithm have better suggestions or comments, please join the global website library exchange group to explore.
Finally, thank you for your recognition and support of the library website, wish you happy!

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[Chinese]The China Capital Market Ins..
[American]Pinkfong Website
[Singapore]ColouriseSG website
[American]PixelSquid website
[American]Staggering Beauty
[American]species-in-pieces website
[Chinese]Shuhua Sports





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