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Christmas is for Sharing
As The Official Website of Christmas we have a special duty to our visitors to share with you our vision for the website and for that which we may become. So... where do we begin.
Bring your family and friends closer so that you can maintain your Christmas traditions with free Family Pages
Create an online wish list to track your gift ideas for others, and share your list with family and friends
GIVE gifts that people really want and get the Christmas gifts that you actually need.
Use our tools to discover Hot Gift Ideas fro m hundreds of the best retailers
Find and compare products to get the best prices fro m merchants you trust
Add charitable contributions to your holiday wish list and make a difference this year
Enjoy fun, games, music, recipes, information, stories and more
Try the world’s most advance Online Naughty List and see how nice you have been this year.
Our Vision & Philosophy
As The Official Website of Christmas we have a special duty to our visitors to share with you our vision for the website and for that which we may become. So... where do we begin.
First of all, we believe Christmas is for sharing.
Christmas is for sharing with family. This includes your children, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, grandparents, and even that odd little uncle who sits in the corner and chirps.
Christmas is for sharing with friends. Ever since you were little, your friends have been there for you. For good times and bad, in sickness and in health. And every year, Christmas is a time to get together, reminisce, laugh, remember years gone by, and enjoy the moment. New friends come and go, but you will always have Christmas.
Christmas is for sharing with co-workers and clients. Get in the Christmas spirit, share stories and Christmas parties, laugh at the year gone by, and look forward to the year ahead. Christmas is a time to share your gratitude with clients and reset for new opportunities that await you.
Christmas is for sharing with the world. Regardless of faith, the Christmas season is filled with hope, passion, and a desire for peace and goodwill towards all mankind. Share with your church, share with charity, share with a neighbor, or even share a 'Merry Christmas' with a stranger.
Secondly, at, we believe that Christmas is for everyone: young or old, rich or poor, deeply religious or not so much. Christmas is a time for setting aside differences and celebrating that which we have in common. Is this the right decision? Only time will tell. All we can do is to try to make this website the best that it can be and listen to our members about what they want fro m this site. After all, this is your website as much as it is ours.
And finally, this website is never finished. What you see today is only a fraction of what we have envisioned and of what the website will become. The best we can offer is that we will do our best to continually improve your experience and the features that we offer. Come back often to see what is new. Sign up and become a member (or follow on Facebook) and we will let you know when we grow and change.
While there are lots of gift giving websites, wishlists, and social shopping engines, there is only one We've been entrusted to deliver to you, our guests, with a website that helps fulfill the power and magnitude that this domain represents.
As mentioned above, this website will never be finished. We will always tweak the site, enhance your experience, and provide you with tools and features to make it easier for you to share Christmas with your family and friends. We want to create a portal for you that becomes as much a part of your Christmas traditions as trimming the tree, stringing Christmas lights, or your grandmother's Christmas bread that you look forward to on Christmas morning.
If you can't find what you need this year, or if you want to see something else on this website, drop us a note and share your thoughts. If we can't deliver it this year, we'll look to include it in Christmas future.
For 2012, you can look for the following great features:
Family Pages allowing you to share your Christmas morning and traditions
Integrated wish lists with comparison shopping helping you discover gift ideas and give and receive gifts that are truly memorable and desired
Social discovery of hot gift ideas and trends.
A collection of Christmas Traditions, Christmas Carols, and Christmas Greetings fro m around the world
An affordable Christmas Shop for Artificial Christmas Trees, Christmas Decor, and more.
Special offers and promotions fro m leading brands with opportunities unique to our members
Much, much more.
We want to make your 2012 Christmas your easiest yet. Technology and the Internet was supposed to make things easier. Our goal is to make this ideal a reality.
Who is has been built and is managed by Left of the Dot Media Inc. and David Altman of MarketShare Advisors, LLC.
About Left of the Dot Media
Left of the Dot transforms underutilized domain names into leading web brands, where each brand has the opportunity to change its entire market segment. In addition to, leading web properties under management include,,, and many more.
Left of the Dot is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. While we are just on the outskirts of Vancouver, it feels like we are just a stone's through fro m the North Pole. More details about the company can be found online at www.LeftOfTheDot.comsite url . org
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Welcome you to visit our website!
As The Official Website of Christmas we have a special duty to our visitors to share with you our vision for the website and for that which we may become.

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