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How strong are Google's Website?

You may not know that how powerful Google 's website.

Let's see, how many of the world's Top100 site is owned by Google .

Global ranking national domain

1, Google USA
4, Google 's video sharing site, the world's largest video site
7, Google 's free blog
12, Google India
14, Google Germany
17, Google China
19, Google France
20, Google UK
28, Google Brazil
29, Google Japan
33, Google Italy
37, Google Spain
43, Google 's social networking site in Brazil sub-station
44, Google Mexico
49, Google 's company ( who is the world's largest online advertising service provider )
56, Google Canada
63, Google 's social networking site sub-station in India
67, Google Turkey
76, Google Russia
82, Google Indonesia
84, Google Australia
88, Google Poland
95, Google Saudi Arabia
99, Google Netherlands
114, Google Argentina
116, Google Thailand
129, Google Egypt
135, Google South Africa
141, Google Pakistan

0430 Editor's Note : The above is only part of the country 's global websites Google ranking, it had national Google sites in the country is the largest search engine, Google search is the market share of the global market share of more than 65% , enterprise products exported overseas , Google overseas promotion of your trusted !

At that time are keen to discuss the next Facebook , people seem to forget that Google this monster in the end how much. Facebook has 600 million members , as if to establish a new empire into the Internet, granted by the Peoples attention. But this empire in the face of another empire, still evident of disadvantage : it is Google! But now the question is , Google in the end how much this is a very difficult to quantify the numbers, but anyway , this article will be possible to estimate a try.

Since Facebook is only one independent site , so it is easy for the number of members and active users of statistics, but for Google , which became a problem because Google 's independent website too . First, we do a simple statistics, so that everyone on the scope of Google 's empire had a rough idea . The picture below shows the Alexa ranking of 100 in the front part of Google's Web site:

Next we tried the system for users of Google's real rough statistics:

1: Google Search

First we look at , of course, Google is headed business : search . Its main station Alexa currently ranked as the first , which is the undisputed data . But just look at this one site is not enough , Google has deployed its search engine in most countries around the world , a total of more than 180 countries to rough statistics and regions already have their own separate Google search engine site ( very sad thing is China condition ) . Through the above statistical tables we can see , in addition to its main station , a total of 16 countries have been ranked 100 within Google search before .

The famous site StatCounter data show that foreign statistics , Google currently occupies 90% of the desktop search engine market . Google the opportunity to fully occupied while another rise in the search field : mobile search , Google became a lot of smart phones default search engine , including the Apple Iphone and Google 's own Android. In the field of mobile search , Google currently holds 97% of the market , in the absolute leadership !

How many Google users search for a total of ?
Internet users around the world are currently about 2 billion , if Chinese users to get rid of ( we all know the difficulties in the domestic use of Google ) , then left at least 1.5 billion Internet users . If these users have at least one billion people use Google, personally feel that is not an exaggeration .

But in addition to Google search , there are more ...

2: Google users in other major projects

Listed below are some of the major peripherals Google , which is a very large number of users

The world's largest online video sharing sites . Youtube is currently 500 million visits a month . Another 82% of the blog needs to have in the creation of sel ected references Youtube video ( which is statistical data a few years ago , now there should be changes, but their number is still huge ) .

Google 's another world first ( Well , wordpress currently should be the first ) : free blog platform. According to the 2010 show , blogger has 400 million readers.

Orkut is Google's first to enter the field of social sites , although poor management , but it is still a considerable number of users , with 100 million active users worldwide , mainly fro m Brazil and India. In fact, if you just count the daily flow of words , Orkut is a social networking site after Facebook , but the gap between second and first place in this really a bit big.

Google Maps
The most widely used current network map service , have cooperation with many types of service site . While Google Maps is also in the field of smart phones map overlord , Apple use Google Maps in its iOS , the combination of Android and Google Maps and more in depth.

Google's free email service , currently totaling about 200 million users worldwide . ( Currently Gmail orientation is not to force super )

Google Apps
Google 's suite of applications , including Google documents, spreadsheets , calendars and some other online applications ( including Gmail) are very popular . Google Apps users currently no statistics , but definitely also dropping huge .

Google 's Android is currently the fastest growing smartphone operating system , every day 350,000 new phone that use the Android, there are ten million per month. Android while closely integrated with other Google products, including Google Maps , Gmail and search , and so on .

It is a fastest growing products : Chrome browser. Although Chrome browser also belong to the field of neonatal , statistics show March Chrome now occupies 11.57% of the browser market share.

3 : There are some other peripheral items

Google 's project too , really can not be a complete statistics in a short time . In addition to the above, we have listed some mainstream applications , and user groups following several services can not be ignored

• Feedburner: RSS Feed largest on the web hosting service
• Google Reader: the web's most popular RSS reader
• Google Analytics: the most widely used on the web site statistical analysis attack
• Other : Adsense Union , Adwords ads , DoubleClick advertising platform , Admob mobile advertising platform , as well as the most recent ITA travel search , and so on and so forth.

Google in the end how much ?

OK, we have listed so many products , Google now estimate the number of users in the end

We have already mentioned above , just use the Google search engine users should be about 1 billion , if coupled with China 's netizens user ( if not the reason we all know at work ) , this figure had to add up . Google 's service has gone far beyond the single search field, and its derivative products have completely covered all aspects of people's lives, even if the causes of different policies in different situations , you can use less than or contact with Google.

So , Google is at least more than one billion users , it can be assumed between 1 to 1.5 billion . Of course , this is just a rough estimate , or is a completely digital guess . But if Google plus all the products together , this figure is definitely also greatly increased , but the specific number , no one knowing.

0430 Editor's Conclusion

Only one of Google 's search is already breathtaking , if coupled with the above as well as various peripheral services and products not listed listed , Google's position remains unshakable . Perhaps the frequent failures in the social field so that everyone 's attention shifted to Facebook, but do not forget Google 's outstanding achievements in other areas!

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How strong are Google's Website?:Only one of Google 's search is already breathtaking , if coupled with the above as well as various peripheral services and products not listed listed , Google's position remains unshakable.

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