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The old friends feel sad for Yahoo directory's closed

For many people, Google has become the main tool they search on the internet. But the search in Google rule before the Internet, Yahoo Directory is now the mainstream search engine.

But now, Yahoo Directory will be closed.

Yahoo! Announced today, Yahoo Directory and Yahoo Education, the video sharing services such as Qwiki are close together.

Yahoo! Dispatch says: "20 years ago, Yahoo! Launched Yahoo Directory as a web directory, help users to search on the Internet internet. Although we are still committed to connect users with the information they are interested in, but our business has evolved, by December 31, 2014, we will close the Yahoo Directory. Advertisers will be upgraded to the new services, more details can be direct communication."

Last year, Yahoo! Announced the closure of AltaVista, it is another pioneering search resources Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Was founded in 1994, people usually use the browse list search sites, these sites are included in all kinds of theme. Yahoo! Co-founder Yang Zhiyuan (Jerry Yang) and David Ferro (David Filo) immediately realized, they need to give yourself the browse list to find a better name, rather than "Jerry and David web guide". They think of Yahoo!, "and a hierarchical, informal prophecy" (Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle) abbreviation.

Yahoo! Quickly became the network's most popular search engine. Through the search engine, can help you locate any information or services, rather than through the keywords to help you find any matching Webpage. This distinction is critical, because the official this distinction, leading to the later Yahoo! As search resources and fading, and directly led to Yahoo! Announced the closure of Yahoo Directory.

Yahoo Directory need to rely on manpower to evaluate the web, and the brief description, and then be arranged arrangement. When Yahoo! Is established, this system is very effective, because at that time the network is not too much Webpage, automatic search technology organization websites are not mature. These force Yahoo! Rapidly beyond traditional search engines such as InfoSeek and Excite, the better the correlation Yahoo. You can find whatever you are looking for something.

Yahoo! So popular, that publishers are very worried about being involved. From 1996 to 1999 period, long time no new launch site list. Many sites found themselves to be effective "invisible", because Yahoo! Editors may change their description, or no keywords include these sites. Many people Yahoo! Is so important "portal", should be regulated, as many people today put the same advice to Google.

I have no time to make Yahoo! Extended schedule Yahoo Directory fading, but I found it fro m prosperity to decline for several reasons. The first is Google -- Google was founded in 1998, and quickly proved that it can automatically generate search results, rather than the need of human effort, strong correlation.

For Yahoo!, seems to use the old card catalog in the library to find a book, your description of the book's understanding is limited to 25 characters. And just like you in the library Google rummage through every page in every book, you won't even miss a needle in a haystack. More importantly, unlike previous search engine, better search algorithm of the Google.

In 2000, Google search algorithm has very good, Yahoo! And Google start cooperation. Yahoo! Had long and search engine crawler based on the principle of cooperative work, so if no matching content of its own directory, crawler search engine can provide backup answer "". Google became the fourth partner Yahoo!, the first three are Open Text, AltaVista and Inktomi.

By 2002, Yahoo! Realized Google search results Yahoo! Advantage, leading to make a big change in the search list. The decline in Yahoo long Yahoo! Early Directory, this method is very effective. If you know the directory where, you can directly search. In the directory category link is also next to the embedded Google list as a relevant search results. But this is pure belong to "wise after the event".

In 2003, Yahoo! Completed the acquisition of Inktomi, and to have a list of Crawler Based on their working principle. This leads to Yahoo! Finally ended and Google signed agreement. For at the time of the Google, this be of little. Google beyond Yahoo!, become the most popular search engine. Finally, Yahoo! Even give up their own search technology, which will be outsourced to Microsoft.

In fact, Yahoo Directory has declined for 10 years, but to see it was eventually shut down still feel sad. Old age is like the memories of the marketing personnel Yahoo! Password, you can use Yahoo! Faster processing of your list. Yang Zhiyuan: I have to share a digital marketing email list, few people inside. Get the password people like get a medal of honor, you have to prove yourself to be trusted, as any businesses don't want to ruin the good commodity.

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The old friends feel sad for Yahoo directory's closed:For many people, Google has become the main tool they search on the internet. But the search in Google rule before the Internet, Yahoo Directory is now the mainstream search engine.

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