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How should a website for customer service

Whether Web site operators, or so-called search engine optimization, our goal is to achieve growth in traffic after the user point came in much, will it be possible to increase turnover. This is the jargon of drainage may Hefei talent network Xiaobian found that many SEO practitioners daily work is indeed in the drainage, can lead to traffic on the site to stay there, there is no conversion for our customers seems to be ignored a. As an SEO practitioner, Xiao Bian thought, too, I just Japanese IP growth, do not look at the so-called conversion rate, in fact, this is wrong.

Perhaps some friends will say, do SEO is to increase traffic to your site, it can fro m the media, can also form by keywords to improve, but we have not thought about, even if seemingly assessment indicators are not so specific, but whether it is SEO or has been drastically reduced SEM, our ultimate goal is to help site profitable. So your little friends are still SEO frontline fighting, and now the thought is no longer available to enhance the ranking, drainage, but rather how these flow into our customers.

Of course, this is the Web site operators, content marketing, but now engaged in search engine optimization have a certain relation to marketing, operational thinking, so that it will not be eliminated Internet age!

1, a careful analysis of the data, to see what users like, then give him what

Almost every site has its own CNZZ the background of it, fro m here you can see a lot of webmasters seem agitated very useful data, such as page surveyed sites, pages, and so antecedents. Antecedents page, you can help us see exactly where users come fro m, or where articles over the chain, so that next time we can make greater use of such a platform.

In addition to these, there is little small series that is very important for website operators, and that is our "population value", where you can see what kind of groups more access to our site, know this, it is webmaster fro m these groups can not compare the contents of the construction site like it? so, starting fro m the data, what potential customer research sites like it, then give him anything, so he does not have to worry about points come in?!

2, all these ways are you webmaster common

With the development of the Internet, more and more platforms emerge want a share, in addition to microblogging, letters, and know almost, Sohu, etc., these platforms have a group of loyal customers, and these are precisely the users of our potential customers so many companies have their own account fro m the media, want to pass fro m the media for the site drainage. Of course, this is almost all the current owners spend a lot of energy in doing things the way they take is this:

A. awards event

Microblogging, micro-channel public number, the prize activity is the best way drainage, after all these platforms in the user base is very large, while forwarding a message often does not cost anything, there may be prizes, why not it! of course want to rely on such an activity drainage, we need to have excellent graphic ideas, activities, prizes to the force, effective means of promotion and adequate preparation services, which are a prerequisite for a successful event, if a link is not It can be implemented, the effect of that event was also playing a discount Oh!

A successful event, not just a few words can be achieved, we need to determine their own goals, and then recall the success of those types of activities, the next step is brainstorming, the staff offers a variety of activities to participate in the program , met to discuss the next step is to determine the direction of our ultimate activities, and a detailed program of activities. It is planning a microblogging activities necessary stage, also called preparation, if there is no pre-ready, sorry, you can get traffic is limited Oh!

B. soft paper form

It is every webmaster have tried or still use the drainage pattern, of course, it has some effect, but it depends on the skill of editing the soft paper! If you were removed fro m the major forums, you will find a lot of soft paper such as dry-type, character type interviews, live hot type, celebrity type, product type and other forms of presentation, of course, soft paper ultimate goal is to allow users to read on, rather than point to go on leave immediately.

To make your message stand out, the title setting is definitely very important, after all, the first thing users see is your headline, whether or not also depends on your point into the title was not to his liking Oh! That in the end What does the title of the most attractive? Please pay attention to the follow-up article Xiaobian Oh!

C. prominent hard-wide form

Although now hard-wide user has not welcomed, but if your copy attractive enough, then either through words or pictures, but also a way to advertise or video, users continue reading interest or what you say in a vector, so many users will help you share it, it is the wide success of such hard. However, I want to succeed, you have to have a powerful copy ah!

D. Other forms for reference

In addition to these marketing methods, in order to have the site traffic, but also through SEO, SEM, email marketing, offline activities and other ways. But Xiao Bian Hefei Talent Network owners want to remind you one, do not want to butt in what will be a way to achieve the ultimate, the effect obtained is not bad Oh!

3, drainage, webmasters should put him to stay

Many SEO practitioners after the so-called flow led to turning a blind eye, leading incoming IP looks a lot every day, can be converted to real users almost no such site may have a high ranking, but the ranking in this time really does not make sense.

So you webmaster in drainage while more need to think about these potential customers to stay, fro m SEO point of view, is to reduce the bounce rate for your site, in general, it will be matched by more relevant articles and core to fulfill. As a user access to popular news sites, the following article is actually recommended jargon articles, so people do not say, Xiao Bian themselves would click on the upper right corner. If your article is recommended so, then please adjust quickly, otherwise unable to retain users Oh!
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How should a website for customer service:Whether Web site operators, or so-called search engine optimization, our goal is to achieve growth in traffic after the user point came in much, will it be possible to increase turnover.

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