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TripActions takes the pain out of corporate travel management with a complete solution that helps you control costs and keep employees happy. Take a tour...

TripActions redefines how corporate travel programs work with an end-to-end, mobile travel management solution...reducing travel spend and keeping employees happy.

For years, founders Ariel Cohen and Ilan Twig had been frequent business travelers hamstrung by the outdated travel management systems their companies used. Like many professionals faced with the traditional options for corporate travel, they usually ended up booking trips that aligned with their schedules and loyalty programs, and not the company policy (or dime).

Seeing the market need & opportunity

In 2015 they assembled a team of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds to help build a better way for companies to manage business travel. That goal was accomplished with TripActions. For the first time, companies can save on travel costs while keeping the focus on employee choice and satisfaction. We’re a complete corporate travel management solution that just plain works.

Breaking the status quo

Business travel has lagged at adapting to changing markets, consumer behaviors, and available technologies. Solutions that worked for companies years ago, don’t work today. Sticking with them has created fragmented and unpleasant results for companies and their employees. We recognized the chance to build on the advances in the data-driven, on-the-go technology we all use in our personal lives, and created even more innovative tools designed especially for business travel.

Creating a dream travel experience

Imagine if, within a single mobile app, a traveler was informed of a flight delay thirty minutes before other passengers, then contacted by a team of travel experts with alternate flights based on their past preferences, all while still saving their company money. That’s the kind of modern travel experience TripActions offers our customers. We’ve put artificial intelligence, big data, and mobile connectivity to work to create the ultimate user-friendly experience for today’s business professionals and their companies.

Building the vision

With TripActions as the chosen solution for your company, you take part in the vision that got us started when two travelers knew there had to be a better way: that managing travel should be simple, save money, and honor the needs of companies and employees. We’ve made the most of a changing, tech-forward world and all its opportunities, and we’re proud to say we’ve realized that vision. We can’t wait to show you how we work.

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1 floor TripActions [*.*.*.*] published in 2018/03/17/ 07:40:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
TripActions takes the pain out of corporate travel management with a complete solution that helps you control costs and keep employees happy.

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