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Boffin: Bringing you 18+ years of rich experience in the translation and localization industry.

Founded in 1996 by IT-industry and software-development veterans, Boffin began as one of only a few translation and localization service providers in China. Over the years, we acquired significant translation and localization expertise; today, we know the industry inside and out, especially industry production processes for translation, localization, DTP and engineering-management work.

Today, we also stand ready to act as your outsourcing and business partner, adding value to your company with our 18 years’ worth of deep industry experience, productivity and efficiency insights and translation and localization assets.

Our Mission: To be your trustworthy business partner

Our mission is to earn and maintain a trusted, long-term relationship with you, a relationship built on:

The skills and passion of our highly competent technology professionals
Proven, repeatable workflows
Certified quality-control processes
A solid infrastructure
Speed and affordability
A commitment to always deliver great service
We continue to succeed because of this commitment to excellence and our willingness to develop and apply innovative solutions to your business and technology problems. If you desire, we manage your production requests and processes for you so that you can free your valuable resources to focus on building and maintaining a sustainable business.

In those ways, Boffin acts as a true business partner, building transparency into the partnering process, and always taking proactive steps to help you improve your business. Our flexible solutions provide you with immediate relief and ongoing improvements while helping you position your organization for long-term success.

We invite you to partner with us today.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Boffin: Bringing you 18+ years of rich experience in the translation and localization industry.

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