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Blinklist strives to provide interesting, reliable information about web and mobile start-ups and apps. Our team of experts keep scanning the various app stores on their hunt to discover some amazing apps that can make your life a lot easier and constantly browse the web to find the latest, most exciting start-ups.

Blinklist is a site dedicated to providing entrepreneurial projects, founder interviews, and in-depth evaluation of entrepreneurship projects. The review covers hundreds of applications and services, such as APP, cloud servers, project management, and online tools.

The Blinklist review directory covers hundreds of apps and services over a vast range of categories, fro m Backup Software and Cloud Hosting services to Project Management and online Proofreading. We try to only review apps that are worth knowing about and provide in-depth useful advice to help you make informed decisions.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Blinklist strives to provide interesting, reliable information about web and mobile start-ups and apps.

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