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Welcome to Historic Fillmore City!

"You have a friend in Fillmore."

History of Fillmore City

On October 5, 1851, the Territorial Legislature of Utah passed a resolution providing for the organization and settlement of Millard County with the seat of government in the county, to be called Fillmore City, named after the President of the United Sates, Millard Fillmore. Later that month two companies of covered wagons set out to make that settlement. Within fifteen days the first building, a school, made of cottonwood logs, was completed. Anson Call, a well-known colonizer, with assistance of others, was largely responsible for settling Fillmore. The city was planned to be the Capitol of the State, and construction began on the "Statehouse". The first wing of what was to be a monumental structure was completed and used for legislative sessions in 1855 and 1856. The building was never completed and the Capitol was moved to Salt Lake City. The Statehouse stands today as the oldest existing governmental building in the state.

Territorial Statehouse Museumphoto by EL

On January 12, 1867, Fillmore was officially incorporated by the State Legislature. Since that day growth and progress have been continual. From fort, to town, to city, Fillmore has grown and developed into a fine city, providing its citizens with many services. There are approximately 2,252 people residing in Fillmore. Comprehensive histories of Fillmore and Millard County may be found in Milestones of Millard and Builders of Early Millard written by Stella Day.

Fillmore City Vision Statement

We aspire to be the city of choice for ourselves and future generations - beautiful, clean, and safe. We honor our past and work to shape our future. We draw fro m the lessons of the past to design our future. We strive to preserve our city's friendly hometown atmosphere, promote a healthy economy, provide quality services, and create a safe environment for our citizens. We encourage recreation and cultural opportunities. We require innovative governance that is accessible, accountable, and efficient with a system of funding that is fair, affordable, and stable.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Welcome to Historic Fillmore City!

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