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While still an aspiring MBA student, Lars-Henrik Friis Molin founded Universum in 1988. Starting as a class project to better improve the communication between students and the companies that want to recruit them, Lars-Henrik wrote and distributed the first Universum student survey in Stockholm, Sweden.

The results of the survey were enlightening enough to be picked up by the Swedish press. Employers saw these insights and were surprised by the findings. Numerous companies reached out to the then-student, Lars-Henrik and asked to buy the data and inquired whether additional questions could be asked. Universum was born.

Universum is a trusted partner to over 2000 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies.

We work with over 2000 universities, alumni groups, and professional organizations to gather insights fro m students and professionals in order to advise employers on how to attract and retain talent that fit their culture and purpose.

Provides services in 60 markets throughout the globe and our diverse workforce is physically present in 20 countries.

On an annual basis Universum surveys over 1,500,000 students and professionals worldwide.

The results of our surveys and trend reports are continually published in prominent media outlets around the world including Forbes, Le Monde, CNNMoney, Harvard Business Review and El Pais.

In May 2018, Universum got acquired by the e-recruitment firm StepStone GmbH, an Axel Springer SE company.

Universum delivers the critical talent market insights, winning brand strategies and compelling, story-led communication organizations need to compete more effectively for the talent.

With more choices open to top talent than ever before, employer brands need to work harder than ever before to engage their attention, attract them to join, and win their lasting commitment. To win in this environment we believe it is no longer sufficient for organizations to prompt reasonable consideration, they need to fire exceptional desire, building employer brands that talent will fall in love with.

We believe brand love is built on intimate understanding. This is why everything we do is founded on robust data, expert analysis, highly targeted and actionable insights. For 31 years, we have invested in building the largest career preference data set in the world. Each year the Universum Ideal Employers Survey is completed by millions of students, graduates, and professionals around the world. Bigger, better data gives our client partners a distinct advantage in finding the most effective ways to win the attention and admiration of their target talent.

We believe talent is attracted by strong purpose and unique character. This is why we strive to help companies define and articulate the qualities that make them special. We have helped many of the world’s leading employers develop the value propositions that underpin their employer brand strategies. Our unique research capabilities and extensive experience ensure our client partners always receive world-class advice and the most attractive, credible, distinctive and sustainable solutions.

We believe stories are more powerful than slogans. This is why we help companies and organizations engage the pride and advocacy of their people to bring their stories to life. Universum is not a recruitment advertising agency. We are a highly social, story-led, data-driven, results-focused employer brand marketing agency. We prioritize creative agility, high authenticity and target relevance over the big, mass-market, advertising ‘Idea’. If you’re looking for the revolution, find it here.

We believe the most successful companies love to learn. This is why we constantly bring people together to share winning practices and identify the best of what’s new and next. Whether it’s through our global Employer Branding Academy, our Advisory Boards, EB NOW Best Practice Survey or regular white papers, webinars and events Universum loves to get people together to share and learn fro m each other.


Universum has a step by step approach for a proven Employer Branding success.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Universum is a trusted partner to over 2000 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies.

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