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Desti is a travel services company, providing search services in the future. Next, search services will proceed in this direction. Desti is developed a virtual tour, it can use artificial intelligence and natural language processing, understanding user intent, and in response to a particular query. Desti was developed by Stanford Institute for international renowned research institutions. In fact, personalized network discovery engine and virtual personal assistant Siri Trapit was born in Stanford Institute of international Trapit recommended Web content according to user preference. Desti technology more suitable for their services. When the user enters the requested information, such as "family hotel close to the beach" Desti may display the most relevant information.
Desti fro m TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Zagat Web site gathering information, search results will display the pictures, descriptions, contact numbers and aggregated reviews. Desti increase in changing how people search and planning a trip. Desti can help you find the exact location and provide information according to your needs, instead of letting you hundreds or thousands of search results to find or read countless travel review. Desti analyzes context, meaning and purpose, rather than simply retrieve the keywords. As semantic engines understanding user intent, the relevance engine will display results. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant, but don't like Italy dinner, Desti will remember this information. Desti as your fingertip's professional travel agents. Desti understanding users, when you ask for something, it will refine your requests of information. It is the wisest Guide. "Desti is based on a comprehensive database, the database can provide accommodation, activities, restaurants, and other information. Desti side-by-side display of information, comparison makes it easy for users, and that users can "Favorites" and share all the entries. By Desti, you no longer have to spend a lot of time researching the network information.
Desti is not only suitable for travel services, which the technical community as a whole is of great significance. Desti founder is nadafu • Ghor. Nadafu • Gur entered Stanford in 2011 International Institute, he will bring this technology to the market. Earlier, Gul started two travel companies. More attractive for Desti, nadafu • Gul has also designed a new user interface, makes it easier. Currently, Desti iPad platforms support only, but Gul is planning to develop iPhone version. As a start-up company, Desti must cater to the customer. This is not a scientific experiment, Desti want their products to meet the actual demand. IPad application development-oriented, because when people plan travel, they would choose Desti this platform. Initially, Desti in United States public testing in some areas.
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1 floor Desti travel services company [*.*.*.*] published in 2013/06/04/ 06:20:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Desti travel services company:Desti is a travel services company, providing search services in the future. Next, search services will proceed in this direction.

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