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Frequently asked questions about Smartsheet®

The Project & Collaboration Tool for Businesses of All Sizes
Work your way in a flexible spreadsheet format.
Manage any kind of work with one centralized tool - fro m simple projects to complex processes.
From individuals to enterprise companies, Smartsheet® is used to manage thousands of different types of work.

How much does Smartsheet cost?
Plans start at $14/month. For more information on pricing as well as features in each plan, please visit our Pricing Page.
Will my credit card be charged during my free trial?
No, we won't even ask for your credit card during your trial. We hope you'll give Smartsheet a try and after your trial is complete, you'll love it as much as we do.
Can I really have an unlimited number of collaborators on my sheets?
Yes, really. Invite anyone to work with you on your sheets--co-workers, clients, or partners, FREE!

Productivity App of the Year

Whether it's collaborating on tasks for a specific project or hosting a Google Hangout for a brainstorm session, Smartsheet offers all of the tools you need in a familiar spreadsheet format.

Learn more about all of Smartsheet's collaboration & work management features in our Product Tour.

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1 floor Smartsheet® [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/10/22/ 04:34:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
Smartsheet® is an Internet collaboration software company, it wants to rise in a fiercely competitive industry.

» What about Smartsheet®?

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