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United States insurance company (Progressive Insurance) official site. Ohio insurance company as its name says, since it its inception in 1937, has been a United States a force for innovation in the auto insurance industry. In one of the first to provide customers with monthly instalments to pay premiums in preferential conditions of insurance companies, Progressive insurance company claims response has twenty four-sevenths, online quote comparison, and premium income of us $ 2 billion a year, which makes it become America's fourth-largest auto insurer. In the auto insurance industry, claims have been dissatisfied with the customer to the company or require a fairly common cause of surrender. Many claims agents seem to think that their job is to protect insurance companies from customers of fraud. Due to General insurance company all the income is derived from the use of insurance funds for investment, so rapidly for customers applying for compensation claims agents rarely have happy. Customers often complain about agents that cold and heartless, apathetic attitude. Insurance companies seize the opportunities that may make them different, to provide the most efficient, most friendly claims service. They established a telephone hotline to customer loss claims issue anytime, anywhere. In order to expedite the settlement of customer claims of loss, insurance companies also invested more than 30 million dollars to build "auto-claims management system". Claims agent for all insurance companies to be "empathy training", allowing them to quickly resolve customer issues as a top priority.

Operation of the new system not only significantly reduces insurance claim cycles, and customer satisfaction has increased significantly, customer churn rate fell by two-thirds. In the process of implementation of the above measures, Management noted claims of insurance companies in the implementation of a number of very interesting phenomenon: shortened settlement cycle, and also reduced the claim expense. Quick claim not only to reduce the cost of claims processing and administration, along with medical claims, fraud and customer defections are reduced. Therefore, speed is the benefit. This find insurance companies Chief Executive Peter · Lewis set an ambitious goal: since fast claims for customers, bad company, insurance claims quickly! However, the only current claim of this ambitious goal cannot be achieved, a series of reform and innovation is a must. Today, the customer to the insurance company claims Centre on can go to on a mobile office vehicle, car staff immediately rushed to the scene of the accident. Upon arrival, claims agent's top priority is customer service. Damaged vehicles electronic image transfer over a wireless data network system directly to the claims Center, evaluated by the Center's use of expertise in estimating repair costs. They use over more than 1800 vehicles of multilayer electronic structure diagram to determine what kind of repairs and cost of repairs. Then, back office estimated repair costs.

In most cases, within one hour after the accident, compensation cheques, Office in the car has signed and submitted to the customer. Insurance claims processing breakthroughs not only on the company's accident rate, and there has been a notable increase in the level of customer services, and proven track record in reducing costs. Customers choose to let insurance companies responsible for resolving their repair problems, companies can save a lot of costs. Company maintenance network maintenance areas are offering big discounts. Due to the repair shop with the insurance company's management software and communication network, significantly reduce transaction costs between companies and repair shops.

Insurance claim not only makes maintenance costs cut in half also provides high quality services to customers. Advance insurance company claim breakthroughs in the way the company ranks first in automotive insurance industry leading position. It used to be just a professional company in the insurance segment, now rapidly, breaking the original niche market, mainstream began leading insurance market. Because of the cost and service advantages in hand, insurance companies have now established a new ambitious goals is to make the world's biggest insurers. Very few companies can successfully find a breakthrough like insurance companies, even if found, not necessarily to play break-maximum benefit.

For both break and few lucky enterprises can make full use of it, its prospects are extremely good. Contact phone: 1-800-776-4737; url . org

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United States insurance company (Progressive Insurance) official site. Ohio insurance company as its name says, since it its inception in 1937, has been a United States a force for innovation in the auto insurance industry. In one of the first to provide customers with monthly instalments to pay premiums in preferent..

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