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Visa is a global payments technology company connecting consumers in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, businesses, financial institutions and Governments, to further make it easier to use digital currency instead of cash or checks. Visa Business mainly comprises the following areas: a centralized, modular network of payment VisaNet,Visa customers with transaction processing services for financial institutions. VisaNet may flexible to one-time provides three big service: transactions processing service, and risk management service and information service; Visa provides series paid products, help financial institutions to its customer (personal, and enterprise and Government institutions) provides more rich of paid select, including may for instant paid of debit card, and ahead of paid of prepaid fee card or afterwards paid of credit card products,; Visa has and management Visa of brand and the based on Visa brand of all paid products — Visa brand of card can in world more than 200 multiple national and area of tens of millions of home merchant accepted and over 1.7 million Taiwan ATM machine take are, accepted rate global leading; Visa constantly research how using its scale of network resources and advanced of paid technology and experience further extends digital currency of value, makes world Shang more place of people can to more diverse of way using Visa of products, enjoy to electronic paid brings of value. For example, the Visa mobile payment platform helps promote harmony between the electronic payment and mobile technologies in the world. Visa issuing to consumers does not, nor does it provide loans to consumers and set the cardholder's card fees and interest rates. Cardholder customer relationship network belonging to a financial institution, directly administered by the financial institution. Visa revenues are the main sources of financial institution customers pay a variety of fees, these fees are based on credit card transaction volume, transaction processing and other related services provided by Visa charges.

Visa innovations enable banks and financial institutions to provide more payment choices to consumers, including debit card for instant payment, advance payment products such as prepaid cards or credit card payments. Visa through a range of products and services allows individuals, businesses and Government agencies will be able to enjoy the world's largest electronic payment network to bring rich, secure, convenient services and payment options. Credit card ——Visa to its financial institution customers, provide a wide range of credit card products platform to meet new customers to high-end consumers from credit card, and pay large institutional demand. Visa credit card platform providing personalized points reward system, the emergency replacement card, travel assistance and rental car insurance and other value-added services can help card issuers to increase customer loyalty and usage. Debit card ——Visa consumer segments for different geographical levels and consumption, provide a wealth of consumer debit products. Visa debit cards allow consumers to electronic payment of funds to dispose of own-account, more convenient than cash and cheque payments, more secure, and more flexible. Visa debit cards are divided into four brands ——Visa, Visa Electron, Interlink and PLUS. &Mdash;—Visa also offers a wide variety of prepaid card prepaid card products, so as to allow financial institutions to provide prepaid use prepaid cards for consumer products. Consumer groups not yet bank accounts, Visa prepaid card solution is more secure than cash and cheques and convenient option. Governments and companies use Visa prepaid card product release of health care funding and health benefits, such as unemployment benefits, wages and other benefits. Visa also offers prepaid gift card, at any merchants that accept Visa debit products are able to use. Prepaid products to better meet the needs of global travel, and provide them with convenience and safety specific to electronic payments, avoid trouble caused by cash and cheque. &Mdash;—Visa Commercial payment solutions for small, medium and large enterprises and Government agencies to provide a full suite of commercial payment solutions. Visa Commercial payment platform includes: for small business ——Visa series of business credit cards, Visa Business debit cards and Visa Business credit card. For medium and large enterprises and Government agencies ——Visa the company card, Visa card, Visa Business, Visa meetings card, Visa distribution, Visa fleet card cards as well as B2B and supply chain management products and services. In addition, there is a set called VisaIntellilink Spend Management, software tool, it can better help for businesses to manage their expenditure and related information. In addition to these platforms, Visa in different markets can also provide customized solutions to meet the special requirements of businesses and Government agencies of all sizes.Please attention siteurl: the excellent global sites

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Visa is a global payments technology company connecting consumers in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, businesses, financial institutions and Governments, to further make it easier to use digital currency instead of cash or checks. Visa Business mainly comprises the following areas: a centralized,..

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