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Ifttt is a new Web services platform, through various other platforms under the criteria to decide whether to perform a command, to respond to the network service through the other network services. Ifttt got its name for its slogan "If this then that" actually makes your Internet behavior could cause a ripple effect, allowing you to use more convenient, its purpose is "to Put the Internet to work for you" (makes the Internet work for you). Ifttt is designed to help people use the site's open API, Facebook, Twitter and other Web sites or application interface to complete the task, so that "everyone can the programmers over the Internet without programming". Ifttt a variety of information through a process line up, then again you want information presented to you.

Addressing the many and diverse information, received by or concerned with important issues. Ifttt is truly the "magic site", it has integrated the amount of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google calendar information through one set of logical, integrated functions, formed the functionality of an application platform.

For example, you can set when the weather is what happens to a particular cell phone text-messaging (domestic phone is available), you can also set up a stock rise or fall when called directly (this function can only be called in the United States local). Ifttt is based on the task's condition triggers, like programming language, namely: "** YYY behavior, implementation of ZZZ. Every site called a Channel or as a task is triggered, triggering condition called Triggers, perform tasks after called Actions, integrated set of processes is called the Task above.

Ifttt Web site using the interface thought-provoking because services rather than products and technical Ifttt to the user. Ifttt solve the two major problems of users: first, before the products are too fragmented, decentralized, although clouds had settled a single cross-platform, cross-device synchronization issues, but it will not address the issue of dispersed between the products, that is, a single product can solve a single problem.

If online Xia is good get: please a or multiple Secretary on line has, Secretary can help with get various range of trivial task; but online Shang instead will behind many, various products between of communications and collaboration very difficulties, like Dang you of a article micro-Bo forward number reached 10,000 times, on to you clockwork SMS and stopped a figure share to push figure and everyone network, such a simple of things are quite difficulties. Second, the technical complexity, RSS, API integration for various services, such as providing facilities like Instagram using the Twitter API, Instagram shoot, let users can share pictures to Twitter, but this fragmentation and caught in the said article of the old problem, individual products can also make use of other product API issued a limited number of a service. If users want to be responsible for integrating the service so as to meet their own way, will be facing a rather complicated technical problem, not to mention there is no time, because everybody is human and we just want this free service rather than do it yourself, it's that simple.

Linden Tibbets, founder of Ifttt and Jesse Tane is experiencing these two major issues, is committed to developing Ifttt. Ifttt by virtue of insights to user needs, all API calls, service integration have moved to the background, by engineer Ifttt and process for dealing with, and front-end user-oriented that it is readily available free services, and make users like "programming" set conditions for if…then… that allows users in a very simple manner for the entire Internet "programming" Run the result is the automated free service. Ifttt response was good, it was felt that this would completely change the Internet. But others believe that there is a huge risk, because of their great rights needs social networking url . org

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Ifttt is a new Web services platform, through various other platforms under the criteria to decide whether to perform a command, to respond to the network service through the other network services. Ifttt got its name for its slogan If this then that actually makes your Internet behavior could cause a ripple effect..

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