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Know is a "social question-and-answer site", January 26, 2011, low profile on-line and is now in the inviting open beta period, Quora, called China, page on the UI design with blue elegance, serious style. "Knowing (ZhiHu) term" meant "you know", not only vividly embodies the quiz properties, and take the word of classical Chinese, classical and elegant, appropriate.

Know NET is different from Baidu know or love Sina asked this type of question-and-answer site, know set up social networks, hoping to community questions and answers to help you get a better. In product design, user can ask a question, or the answer not only within the community, can also Follow three other users, issues, and topics, from attention and concern two different dimensions to better discover content. In answer, users can use support mechanism similar to Digg, voting for good answers, good answers to the top position to the top of the page.

Each issue has set up a "summary of answers" area, just like Wikipedia, each user can modify summary. Accurately speaking, known more as a forum user around discussions related to a topic of interest, and you can pay attention to and interest in your person. For conceptual explanation Baidu encyclopedia covers almost all of your questions but for integration of divergent thinking, but is known for boasting. Known to encourage discussions in a question-and-answer process, to broaden the issue of divergent.

Encourage the answer of non-targeted, encourage answers Wiki reference. More exclusive than the forums, know every registered user has a PR of (Person Rank), every action you will directly affect your PR value. When answering, the answer order, sorted by the number in favour, favour the same number of cases ordered by personal PR value and hidden is considered an invalid answer.

This filter to a certain extent, a lot of spam. Know today still adhere to strict invitation system, partly in order to ensure the authenticity of user real name identity, and secondly to avoid too many spammers become aware of Baidu's second. Real names can be easily questions the user targeted to people who are interested in you, it is aware of Baidu could not be achieved.

Korean cold spell in the middle of the party, has a very interesting column, "was asked by everyone", in other words, this is the real-life version of wonder.

At the same time, something strictly invitation system and made to believe rigorous atmosphere hangs over rich, represented by Keso, speak, statement persuasive. SNS relationship on a credit basis. Simple SNS integration with questions and answers, renren in China should be more rapid development but, as said above, strict invitation system, the exclusion of a considerable number of invalid information; if all networks has launched social catechism, that will integrate your former friends, and that some of the friends are obviously not the person interested in your concerns.

This almost negates any possibility of large-scale Internet companies into Quaro quiz.

As large Internet audiences generally widespread, but Quora class question and answer and not simply based on the popularity of, but valuable information than (value/total amount of information), which is elite information output.

But low-key launch Jingwei network currently owned by oak, as vertical SNS gathered a significant number of professional people, if the oak as a meeting point, Quora answers integration classes, also was a considerable potential. Compared with Quora, known in blue tones. Compared with Quora, know the features still need to be improved, such as under a topic best topics, for example, a user can define a related issues, to make it more accurate.You care: w w w. siteurl. o r g

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Know is a social question-and-answer site, January 26, 2011, low profile on-line and is now in the inviting open beta period, Quora, called China, page on the UI design with blue elegance, serious style. Knowing (ZhiHu) term meant you know, not only vividly embodies the quiz properties, and take the word of cla..

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