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XINLANG SINOER GROUP is mainly engaged in apparel, furniture manufacturing, large enterprises engaged in real estate development, hotel, international trade integration. At present, the group's total assets of 4200000000 yuan, 12000 employees, with men's wear industry park, omal furniture industrial park two industrial parks, a four star hotel. The production base covers an area of 2000000 square meters. In October 15, 2010, men's wear successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, become the first own brand clothing enterprises Jiangbei listed stocks, in 2010 - 2011 Chinese garment industry overall competitiveness second,

Men's wear in order to build the international well-known national brand mission, a high starting point the introduction of Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Japan and other international first-class production lines and auxiliary equipment hanging, fashion design and R & D team strength. The group has the international advanced production equipment and first-class professionals, the company has more than a dozen international master clothing to join, create a common multi international division, forming Xinlang men's unique design style. Men's wear has been committed to the construction of marketing network system, successfully established a franchise chain marketing model, covering the formation of Jiangbei, radiation marketing network throughout the country. Chinour men opened the domestic suit lifetime free dry cleaning after sale service precedent, and always take the customer demand as the value orientation, continuously expand the after sale service content, forming a unique style of after sale service in the industry.

Omal furniture with R & D center in Italy and Hongkong, a daily average of more than a dozen fine furniture market. The company fro m Germany, Italy, USA purchase has the international first-class production equipment, forming a production and processing, office, hotel, restaurant, children bedroom suite series product. Omal furniture using high quality materials, the Italy CNC machining center, the automatic planer drilling system and mattress production line and other international advanced equipment, with hand carved and gilded and other traditional crafts, each a product to originality unique, fine quality, to achieve the perfect combination of art and. Omal furniture adhering to the "Yikeweizun" business philosophy, free design, free delivery, free installation, customization and customer service tracking "one-stop" services for consumers.

The company passed the ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18001 three international certification system, with three Chinese brand, four A Well-Known Trademark in China, has won the national inspection free export enterprises, the national contract and trustworthy enterprise, national credit companies, the after sale service (industry) top ten units, national customer satisfaction top ten units, AAAA grade enterprises standardized good behavior and a number of honorary.

Group telephone: 0536-6081908

Group integrated fax: 0536-6053150

The human resources department Tel: 0536-6080516

Telephone, fax group tender Department: 0536-6088257, 0536-6070717

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1 floor XINLANG SINOER GROUP [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/03/08/ 10:03:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
XINLANG SINOER GROUP is mainly engaged in apparel, furniture manufacturing, large enterprises engaged in real estate development, hotel, international trade integration.


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