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A brief introduction of Ecole primaire Montpellier a Chengdu

Chengdu signed Town Twinning Agreement with Montpellier, France in 1981, making Chengdu and Montpellier the first friendly cities and the pioneers of city-cooperation between China and France. On November 15th, 2010, Chengdu government and Montpellier government signed the agreement “Deepen educational cooperation between the two cities”. Based on this agreement, in 2012, Chengdu and Montpellier agreed to jointly open a primary school in Gaoxin District, Chengdu, aimed at speeding up the globalization, modernization and equalization of the primary education in Gaoxin District, Chengdu, as well as providing children and parents with high-quality public education. On October 21st, which was also the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, Chengdu Montpellier Primary School officially opened. The school officially signed a friendly pairing agreement with Montpellier Chengdu Primary School, France.

The planned size of Chengdu Montpellier Primary School is 36 classes, with a total number of 1620 students. The main building has 5 floors above ground and 1 basement floor. The school covers an area of 40 mu, construction area 23,699 m2, and building area 19,510 m2. The school has a complete hardware facilities, including one standard indoor gymnasium, one outdoor playground with a 300-meter ring track, several public reading areas, over 20 full-featured and personalized multi-functional classrooms, 36 modern smart classrooms, interactive whiteboard teaching system, as well as easy access to the Internet. This all has laid a solid foundation for the healthy growth of the children.

1. Student-centered and Chinese-French consistent construction of campus

Both schools in Chengdu and Montpellier agree that the buildings should be “student-centered”, and that’s why all the constructions in both schools have the same architectural style. The buildings of Montpellier Chengdu Primary School, opened in 2013, is characterized with individuality and comfort, emphasizing “student-centered”. Designed by the same designer, Chengdu Montpellier Primary School has almost the same architectural style. In the latter, wide corridors are connected with smart classrooms, thus studying area extends fro m indoors to outdoors. Streamlined flower beds, home-style reading area and open educational space greatly satisfy the needs of studying, activities and colorful life.

2. An international vision for school-running and school-objectives

Being the first school which is named after a foreign city and first state primary school based on educational globalization, Chengdu Montpellier primary school sticks to the idea that an globalized vision is the premise of true educational globalization. With the slogan “For the best possible development of every child”, Chengdu Montpellier Primary School is devoted to offering a school loved by every child, every parent, every teacher and society. Building a Chinese modern school is always our ultimate mission. We advocate the idea “All faculty, all activities and all times are courses”. With the deepening of Sino-French cooperation, Chengdu Montpellier Primary School will be a devout practitioner of the slogan “For the best possible development of every child”.

3. A featured curriculum of education for international understanding based on French and foreign courses

Our school focuses on adapting the children to the development of future society, and pays special attention to cultivating students’ international competitiveness. Therefore, we actively participate in local curriculum reform, develop school-based curriculum, for instance, featured curriculum on educational for international understanding based on French courses. Our curriculum not only focuses on the understanding of traditional Chinese culture, but also enables students to feel the western classic culture, which builds a all round development platform for their individual growth. At present, each class has a French class every week. At the same time, French clubs and interest classes are available to meet the needs of different students. In addition, our school also introduces “innovation curriculum” fro m Israel Polytechnic University and “Financial Intelligence Quotient Course” fro m the US to build a curriculum on education for international understanding with both national and world considerations, as well as a mixture of localization and globalization.

4. Profound exchange between Chinese and French students and teachers promoted by close interaction

Since it was founded two years ago, Chengdu Montpelier Primary school has been carrying out a series of close interactive activities with the Montpelier Chengdu Primary School. Since 2015, nearly 50 teachers and students have been to Montpelier Chengdu Primary School 4 times for student exchange, teaching seminars, art tours and other activities. During their diplomatic visits in France, Chengdu municipal officials all visited Montpelier Chengdu Primary School in order to learn the cooperation between the two sides. In April, 2015, Chinese chief inspector of French Ministry of Education Jol Bellassen, and in September, 2014, the former educational district governor of Montpelier and Chengdu Rabelais French class director Philip Rabelais, both visited Chengdu Montpelier School, offering guidance on French courses.

With the goal of fostering future world citizens, the school focuses on students’ core abilities, constantly exploring teaching methods that can better develop students. Whether exchange visits, course development, or learning fro m other schools, we spare no effort to foster every child in Chengdu Montpellier Primary School with “Chinese humanity, world vision, scientific literacy and humanism”, preparing them for being a qualified future world citizen. For every child and every teacher, our school will be home.
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The planned size of Chengdu Montpellier Primary School is 36 classes, with a total number of 1620 students. The main building has 5 floors above ground and 1 basement floor.

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