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The Macau Millennium College(中文名称:澳门中西创新学院) was founded in August 2001 by well-known educators and businessmen in Hong Kong and Macau and soon recognized by the Macau SAR government as a private institution of tertiary education in Macau.

The mission of MMC is to provide education of the highest quality to our students in sel ected academic, research and professional fields at affordable rates. These fields are closely related to the Pearl River Delta’s most important industry, namely, the Tourism and Gaming Industry. MMC’s motto is to introduce innovative academic programs to nurture talents to meet the urgent needs of Macau’s society. Under the drive of a well-defined vision and, therefore, with an insightful direction, MMC started as early as 2002 to research and develop a tailored-made degree program for the Gaming and Hospitality Industries’ workforce and other full-time working professionals.

Like famous universities in the world, the academic programs offered by MMC combine theory with practice. For example MMC can offer its students in the Hospitality Management Degree program with practical training in the institutions under the auspices of STDM (Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau) and SJM (Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A.). These STDM institutions include five-star hotels, entertainment centers, convention and exhibition centers, banks, **s, as well as travel agencies.

MMC has always been actively involved in academic interchange, and works with colleges overseas to widen students’ international exposure and understanding. We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the largest community college in the United States, the Montgomery College, to work together to provide further education for both American and Chinese students. Macau Millennium College also signed a memorandum of co-operation with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Hong Kong Financial Services Institute. The Hong Kong Financial Services Institute is the only institute that has been approved and recognized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China to set up training programs in Hong Kong.

MMC has already trained over 500 As. Degree and nearly 500 BA Degree graduates, most of whom have been promoted into managerial level posts in Macau's **s and **-hotels. On top of these, MMC has also provided professional trainings for around 10,000 gaming industry workers at Certificate level. These skills have improved our professional workforce in Macau’s most important industries.

Program Objective

The travel and gaming industry has long been the pillar of Pearl River Delta’s economy. Now with an abundance of world-class hotels and restaurants found throughout the Pearl River Delta, MMC is striving to improve the quality of hospitality services to meet the expectations of the six-star-vacationers. To help realize the dream of world class hospitality, MMC offers state-of-the-art training courses in hospitality and gaming fro m world renown professors. MMC strives to improve the quality of the tourism industries human resources by providing professional skills training, knowledge enrichment, workforce motivation, and service standard enhancement via our rigorous, comprehensive, and flexible curriculum as well as customized training programs.

Through flexible schedules and customization, MMC’s programs cater to part-time students currently employed in the hospitality industry, as well as full-time students focusing on their academics or students who also wish to engage in practicums via the assistance of MMC.

Contact Us

The Macau Millennium College

Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpção No. 255 China Civil Plaza 8- andar, Macau
Tel:(853) 8796 4200 / (853) 8796 4220
Fax:(853) 2878 8246
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The Macau Millennium College was founded in August 2001 by well-known educators and businessmen in Hong Kong and Macau and soon recognized by the Macau SAR government as a private institution of terti

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