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On June 18, 2007 issue of Huaxia Bank China credit card. Huaxia Bank first titanium credit card into the classic card, gold card and gold card series three, in terms of product features designed, Chinese credit cards launched a number of innovative features and services; limits, repayment term, interest-free credit card policies, innovation has to take.

China Huaxia bank credit card is issued its strategic cooperation with the Deutsche Bank achieved a significant progress, while Huaxia Bank, also marked the first time entered the credit card market in China. According to the Bank of China credit card Center, Hou p (former General Manager of BOC credit card) said that under the "easy swing" scheme, bank customers to authorize transfers to reimburse consumers huanzhang. "Take small" privileges in stages you can make the card holder in the opening three months of the arbitrary choice of a large consumer transactions and enjoy the zero-interest, zero fees on account privileges. "The risk with everything" is provided for the cardholder's unique reporting lost cards risk protection 72 hours before the service.

These features give consumers more affordable, financial domination of space as well as a higher degree of security. Huaxia bank credit card centre in cooperation with MasterCard organization, launched the first Zhang Gaoduan of China titanium credit card, creating a precedent for China's credit card market.

Titanium gold apart from than gold, and General card has more high of credit line, more flexible, and more convenient of financial function outside, for customer developed of "health respecting enjoy" VIP medical plans, and "comfort journey" high protection plans, and "but you by needed" intimate financial service, value-added service, strikes has currently market Shang financial consumers for life quality service and personalized service of needs. Competition in the credit card market intensified, in order to meet the market challenges and win the market, Huaxia Bank gives China credit cards many value-added services, reflect the caring and humanity of the Chinese credit card services.

It is these unique customized services, industry sources say the cards will soon become one of China's most unique financial products on the market. Huaxia Bank was established in October 1992, is a national joint-stock commercial bank, head office located in Beijing. Initiated in 1995, as approved by the people's Bank of China shareholding system reform, restructuring changed to Huaxia Bank (referred to as banks).

In September 2003, the public offering of Huaxia Bank and listed on the Shanghai stock exchange transactions (stock code 600,015), became the country's fifth-listed banks. The Huaxia Bank is a national joint-stock commercial bank, the predecessor of the Huaxia Bank was approved by the people's Bank of China, on October 14, 1992, formed by the Shougang Corporation-owned national commercial bank with registered capital of 1 billion yuan, with its headquarters in Beijing. Approved by the people's Bank of China, co-sponsored by 33 corporate units to the Huaxia Bank, Hua Xia Bank changed to the reform, and on March 18, 1998 at the State administration for industry and Commerce for business registration, share capital of 2.5 billion yuan.

As at June 30, 2003, a total of 29 to shareholders of the Bank. Operating range absorption Yuan deposits; issued short-term, and medium-term and long-term loan; handle settlement; handle bills discount; release financial bonds; agent release, and agent paid, and underwriting Government bonds; sale Government bonds; peer lending; provides credit service and the guarantees; agent received payment items; provides custody box service; exchange deposits; Exchange loan; exchange remittance; Exchange borrowing; Exchange bills of acceptance and discount; self or generation guest Exchange sale; sale and agent sale stock yiwai of foreign currency portfolio

Published and agency foreign currency securities other than shares; currency exchange foreign exchange guarantee foreign exchange rental; trade and non-trade settlement; credit investigation, consulting, witnessing operations; and other business approved by the people's Bank of China.

Huaxia Bank provides you with credit card online banking, credit card centre, Hua Xia bank credit card Center, personal banking, online banking, Chinese cards, bank cards, and other services. 24-hour customer service hotline: 400-66-95577 010-66209577 24 hours international customer service hotline: +8610-66209577site url . org

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Huaxia bank credit card Center:On June 18, 2007 issue of Huaxia Bank China credit card. Huaxia Bank first titanium credit card into the classic card, gold card and gold card series three, in terms of product features designed, Chinese credit cards launched a number of innovative features and services; limits, repayment term, interest-free credit c..

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