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Zhejiang Noblelift Equipment Joint Stock Co.,Ltd is one of the earliest manufacturer that entered into the industrial vehicles production filed , with more than 10 years of product development and production experience . By the constant technological innovation and planned scale expansion , that the sales of Noblelift grows year by year and the industry status improved since the company established . The sales of Noblelift main products had been the first in the same line of the county for many years in a row .

Consolidate the industry leading position , Noblelift adhere to the enterprise spirit “ integrity-based, Sustainable innovation , pursue the excellence quality ,quality creates Noblelift ” . Insist on implementing the strategy of invigorate company through science and technology , continuously step up its investment in research and development . Efforts to achieve the technological innovation and product upgrading . Noblelift (subsidiary) chaired or participated in many country and industry standards , and developed a number of new products with independent intellectual property rights , some of these new products passed the provincial appraisal , The technology level in this research comes to advanced level in China or international .

Over the years , Noblilift insist on the principle of “technology in lead , reputation supreme ”, focused on companies' construction and quality integrity construction . At present , Noblelift has the advanced equipment , perfect technology , the advanced intelligent devices and the advanced dedicated testing equipment , and adopt international norms as a technique index of company products .

Noblelift Company is mainly engaged in the research , production and sale of light small industrial truck and electric storage vehicles . Main business belongs to the vehicle industry . Industrial vehicles is one of the important branches of engineering machinery , an important equipment in logistics industry , the mechanical product of pallet truck ,warehousing and loading and unloading is by a drive for internal combustion engine, battery or manpower . Different fro m other construction machinery vehicles , the application field of Industrial vehicles is very broad , its downstream users covering manufacturing, logistics, construction, military systems, textile industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, energy industry, and many other industries. Industrial vehicles can greatly save manpower cost, improve labor efficiency, broad market space.

At present, the company has grown into the well-known domestic warehousing logistics transportation vehicles manufacturing enterprises, product line fro m light small industrial truck to electric storage vehicles, occupy the leading position of the midrange and high-end market of the industrial vehicles . In the next few years, the company will take quality differentiation and service differentiation, the difference of the brand as the core, further using its scale advantage, technology advantage and channel advantages, on the basis of strengthen light small industrial truck leading status, through drawing on the successful trajectory of light small carrying vehicles, further seek comprehensive leading in the field of electric storage vehicle, implement product structure, differentiation, to become a world-class innovator in the warehousing logistics equipment and service providers.

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Zhejiang Noblelift Equipment Joint Stock Co.,Ltd is one of the earliest manufacturer that entered into the industrial vehicles production filed , with more than 10 years of product development and pro

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