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AI-based computer vision solutions to power next generation robotics and smart systems for the recycling and waste management industry.

Greyparrot automates the measurement of waste streams using AI-powered computer vision software. Real-time analysis on 100% of waste flows is helping waste managers save cost, increase revenue and mitigate against risks.

Recycling is necessary to conserve important raw materials and protect our environment. The current low global recycling rate of 14% is partly due to a process that relies heavily on manual labour. The system faces a trade‐off between economic viability and recycling rates. Yet, there is an ever-growing demand fro m consumers, brands, governments and waste managers to transition to a more circular economy. This provides an urgent need and opportunity to optimise waste management with further digitisation and automation.

Our Vision

To create a world where waste is treated as a resource. It is monitored, captured and reused in the most effective way. We are committed to unlocking the financial value of waste, which will, in turn, support our transition to a circular economy and keep our environment clean for generations to come.

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Greyparrot automates the measurement of waste streams using AI-powered computer vision software.

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