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Global energy Story Sharing blog

Viralnova: global positive energy Story Sharing blog is a international edition publicity platform, share the world with love, interesting, valuable story; and the website content is worth popularizing, so the site has a high flow and fans.

So a simple personal website can do it in 8 months: about 2000000 unique visitors per day, the monthly income of thousands of dollars; viralnova traffic sources fro m 60.7% Facebook, only 4.9% fro m GOOGLE (GOOGLE included only 9000 pages), estimation also has 30% users directly enter the URL of the. Facebook traffic accounted for the head, is the basic content of websites to share out through the Facebook user.

The contents of are summed up and about 3 class:

The first class: interesting story all over the world, such as this article: "15 can only buy in China WAL-MART things, fourteenth of the most bizarre" (Chinese WAL-MART supermarket It is quite common for the PigHead, in the eyes of the Americans is odd, because America supermarket to buy meat, you never see the end, let alone PigHead. No, the head)

WAL-MART is the Americans know, have been to the supermarket, but China WAL-MART estimates that few Americans have been, if you can tell them Chinese WAL-MART what strange products is to American WAL-MART do not buy, that too many people are willing to share in their Facebook.

Second: the positive energy of love story, the content such as this one: "this is a look very ordinary wedding, but after knowing the truth, I had tears" this is an article about a girl know his mother had cancer, soon to be dead, then put the wedding held in hospital story look, let a person really very touched. Such a love story, a lot of people are very willing to share with your friends.

Third class: valuable story: such as this one "the exquisite design of the container house, let a person look very much like to live inside" show the overall layout of the house converted container, let the user see think container actually converted into good house, the user will have to share the desire.

When the site reproduced in these articles, not just a simple turn, usually simple comment on a few words, do not look at this a few simple comments, is often the most interesting Punchline. Because the site updated every day, soon be able to form a group of hardcore fans, will see the day, share. (updated daily articles for any one website is very important, because then you can form a fixed number of hardcore users, they know that every day you have new things to see).

If you are a small webmaster, this blog business model, focusing on the reality version of the story to share content, Is it right? Also can let you enrich one's family? But need to force people can have such achievement.

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1 floor Global energy Story Sharing blog [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/02/13/ 03:28:00
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Global energy Story Sharing blog is a international edition publicity platform, share the world with love, interesting, valuable story; and the website content is worth popularizing, so the site has a

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