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Wendover Art Group

Hand-crafted, domestically made, unique, highest quality, and breadth of sel ection describes the art created by Wendover Art Group. We source art fro m artists around the world so our customers – retailers and designers of commercial and residential spaces - have access to the art they need at an excellent price for any project. In addition to our own work, we have licensed collections with top designers Thom Filicia, Lillian August, Christopher Kennedy, Jo Sampson and Meg Braff. We also offer art consulting services to customers whose design intent requires customization of one piece or an entire package. All of our work is designed and made in our state-of-the-art facility in Largo, Florida (Tampa/St. Petersburg area). We have offices in Atlanta, GA and showrooms across the country.

Our customers look to us to bring their concepts to fruition on time, within budget, and to industry-leading standards for quality. Our artwork has been featured in leading publications such as Coastal Living, D Magazine, Design NJ, Harper’s Bazaar, Luxe, Traditional Home, and others.

Known for our quality, breadth of sel ection, and proactive customer service, Wendover is focused on building long-term partnerships one project at a time. We are proud to report a compound annual growth rate of 25% over the past ten years, which is a result of our tenacious commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.

Wendover is the source for art.

Our Goal and Our Mission

Our Goal is to build the BEST art company in the world on a solid Foundation of the American Dream, Our Mission, One Wendover, and our Core Values.

Our Mission is to deliver Superior Value to our Customers by providing the following at an excellent price:

Breadth and Uniqueness of our offering
Creative Solutions
Highest Quality
Partnership with Our Customers, Artists, and Vendor Partners
Talented Team Members
State-of-the-Art Technology
Market Understanding
Proactive Service
Accurate, On-Time, and Intact Delivery
Industry-Leading Guarantee
No Surprises
Superior Value is the filter for all decisions.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values define our character and are the source of our reputation. We have four core values:

Honor – What is right is more important than who is right.
Team – We win as a Team.
Excellence – We are what we repeatedly do; excellence is a habit.
Smart – Doing things on purpose with purpose.
Our Customer Promise

We support your design aesthetic and success by keeping three promises that create Superior Value for you:

Partnership – We collaborate with you in order to bring your concept to fruition on time, within budget, and to industry-leading standards for quality. We have art not seen anywhere else. You can count on us to be as involved and hands-on as you want us to be, share our design expertise, present ideas that support your vision, and produce a unique, customized solution that is just right for you. Our state-of-the-art facilities are built specifically to allow us to manage the creation of your art. This results in fulfilling your vision for unique, custom, and quality art with a shorter lead time (4 weeks).
One Source for Art – We source the art. We design the art. We make the art. Our Team of impeccably trained design professionals and technically trained, in-house studio artisans stay in front of art and design trends. We work with established and new artists fro m around the world so you have access to the art you need at an excellent price for any project. Our application of traditional techniques, such as leafing, hand painting, and mixed media, is as diverse as you require. We use state-of-the-art technology to support our full range of capabilities that includes printing on countless types of media. Each piece of art is crafted for you with care by a skilled member of our Team who takes pride in its creation. Our custom framing is at the highest quality at every price level.
Proactive Service – We have your back, practice “no surprises”, and provide respectful, timely, complete, and honest communication. We guarantee the quality of our work and delivery that is accurate, on-time, and intact, but should we make a mistake – we fix it.
You can count on Wendover Art Group to creatively and thoughtfully address your needs with industry-defining standards for product depth, breadth, and quality, as well as world-class customer support and care. We deeply appreciate that you have chosen to do business with us and would like you to think of Wendover as:

The Source for Art.

It's Personal

We understand that people are all that matter so when we say our people are our most valued assets - and are at the heart of Wendover - we really mean it. Each week our entire company meets to discuss and train on our Goal, our Mission, our Promises, and our Core Values. We are One Wendover. We know that our success as a company is totally dependent on what each of us does every day to create the best experience possible for our customers and for each other. Our Core Values drive us to focus on every detail, to do what we say we will do, and to do whatever it takes to exceed expectations. We believe we have the hardest working, smartest, most caring team of people in the industry. We look forward to working with you!

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Welcome you to visit our website!
Hand-crafted, domestically made, unique, highest quality, and breadth of selection describes the art created by Wendover Art Group.

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