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The core function of "monkeylearn" is to help non developers collect, parse, process and share data internally by using codeless platform. It enables users to create user-defined text classification and extraction analysis by training machine learning models (such as sentiment analysis, topic detection, keyword extraction, etc.). The platform also provides an integrated API interface for data scientists and engineers to make the toolkit more practical.

The main purpose of "monkeylearn" is to serve enterprise marketing. Its software products can use machine learning and natural language processing functions to analyze customer reviews collected fro m the Internet, and through customized prediction models and classifying the results, users can obtain real-time review information.

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1 floor MonkeyLearn website [*.*.*.*] published in 2020/07/09/ 04:30:00
Welcome you to visit our website!
MonkeyLearn website:The core function of monkeylearn is to help non developers collect, parse, process and share data internally by using codeless platform.

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