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Asana is a collection of mail, Office, document, in one of the tasks of communication management platform, which focuses on using keyboard shortcuts, you can help save you a lot of time. Asana ways to receive mail are based on real time information, which means that users received messages are displayed automatically, rather than dedicated to driving "unread mail". And the user after reading the message, you can mark the way to make the mail archive automatically, this mode of collection allows users to receive a series of messages, good clear causation of all messages, and Asana mail enables users to better the message is categorized, and promptly clean up spam. Asana makes the message read right at the user's own hands, instead of having to get hate fro m sent messages. Asana is committed to helping teams simplify work processes. We are developing a team approach to innovation is that a shortcut to each link and features a wide variety of Web applications, let everyone know what is happening, and shared priorities and tasks for each individual. We are engineering, commercial and thought leader in comprehensive, fro m well-known companies and enterprises. We Benchmark Capital and Andreessen-Horowitz access to the financing and the support of an experienced team of advisers. Every Member will be set up, play to the strength of the team to achieve, succeed, toward a common goal of development, rational division, then to Rome. However, in many cases, small team work there will always be some friction, communication problems, suitable time, people, locations, and so on. The frictions would reduce team productivity, further increasing the complexity of the project. In order to push the yield on the team high, we need a new start.

So, we created the Asana in order to achieve the purpose, increase the productivity of individuals and groups, expanding revenue potential. Contact email:

News:Asana completed C round of financing

fro m:web 2016-04-01

Asana completion of C round of financing by Sam Altman and other investments of US $ 50 million.

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asana:Asana is a collection of mail, Office, document, in one of the tasks of communication management platform, which focuses on using keyboard shortcuts, you can help save you a lot of time.

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